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anti marine eldar

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ive been getting hammered against marine on a regular basis with my gaurdian heavy force so have built this list just for marines, ive tested is against horde armies and its average so here goes

fuegan with 10 firedragons @ exarch in wave serpent

autarch mandiblasters fusion gun @power weapon, 10 firedragons '[email protected]

10 firedragons exarch @wave serpent
(waveserpents have anti vehicle weapons, starcannons or d cannons)

2x6 dire avengers with exarch. bladestorm both in falcons
and to make up the points to 2000 a viper with shuriken cannon ideal for scouts. its great when you can kill 30+ spacemarines in a turn
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Im not too sure, dont have my codex on hand, but i think a falcon would prevail over a fire prisim in this strategy. I think the focused has a smal blast, but if it does, if the player is smart you wont nab many more SMs like that and the dispersed is too weak to peirce their armor. Get a falcon if possible and load up a starcannon. 4 ap2 weapons all wounding at 2+, 2 of which insta-kill multi-wound SMs. but yeah.

Anyhow the list

Its decently fast with a ton of wave serpants but if your enemy is like mine with a squad or two of marines that are only too happy to brave ap3 (or in this case ap1) to get up close and personal then your army is in BIG trouble. Against SM armies i would favor howling banshees, you can get rid of the SMs annoying shooting and beat them down with those power weapons. A good mix of banshees and fire dragons instead of gung-ho FD would give this list a big boost, and rangers might help too instead of dire avengers, just to annoy them and that occasional AP1 shot. (upgrade to pathfinders and that will be a 1/3 chance)
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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