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anti marine eldar

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ive been getting hammered against marine on a regular basis with my gaurdian heavy force so have built this list just for marines, ive tested is against horde armies and its average so here goes

fuegan with 10 firedragons @ exarch in wave serpent

autarch mandiblasters fusion gun @power weapon, 10 firedragons '[email protected]

10 firedragons exarch @wave serpent
(waveserpents have anti vehicle weapons, starcannons or d cannons)

2x6 dire avengers with exarch. bladestorm both in falcons
and to make up the points to 2000 a viper with shuriken cannon ideal for scouts. its great when you can kill 30+ spacemarines in a turn
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Alright I'm not trying to bash you're list or anything but as a chaos player this list doesn't scare me in the least. Here is why. Fire Dragons need to get a tad to close to marines in order to kill and that makes the counter charge much easier.

What I would do is round up the Avenger squads to a full 10. Lose most of the Dragons and take some Banshee's in a wave serpent, a Wraithlord, Fire Prism or Reapers.

Another way to build the army is with a bunch of Jetbikes, Vypers and Warp Spiders. Marines can't keep up with Eldar use that to you're advantage.

One last thing is Marines HATE Starcannons, so take a good amount of them.

I hope this helps some.:biggrin:
I don't agree with 2 units of Pathfinders, and here is why, it coasts to much as far as points go. I think this army would still be in for a rough time due to the low rate of fire from there units. This is what I would do.

-Autarch- jetbike,laser lance, reaper lancher, banshee mask

-8 Banshees- exarh with executioner
-Wave Serpent with Star caannons
-6 Harlequins- Troop master and Shadowseer

-10 Dire Avengers- exarch with 2 catapults and bladestorm
-10 Dire Avengers- exarch with 2 catapults and bladestorm
-3 jetbikes with one shuriken cannon
-3 jetbikes with one shuriken cannon

-5 Shining spears- exarch with star lance
-2 Vypers with missile launchers

-Wraith lord- Star cannon and Bright Lance
-5 dark Reapers- exarch with tempest launcher and crack shot

I don't know the point coast for the units as I don't have my codex handy but this is about the list that I run and it is quite nasty.:biggrin:
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If you go for more of a shootty army then I would suggest a farseer with doom.
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