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My plans for this monster remain unclear, however its construction does allow me options.

Due to its base size and the base model itself, it is easily justifiable as a trygon. The neurothrope head carapace marks it as a Prime easily and I doubt I would have much trouble calling it a mawloc either. However, I used the haruspex claws on the middle weapon set. The reason for this is where things get more complex.

The Maw Claws of Thyrax (or something) don't exactly have the greatest profile, but on a trygon prime the AP is a nil factor and the ability to learn preferred enemy becomes something worth angling for.

Additionally, the weapon loadout and appearance, particularly the extra venomthrope tendrils on its maw, make it plausible that the beast can stand in for a haruspex.

What do you think?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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