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Greetz to Heresy online!!

My name is James :p but everyone knows me as KC =] and i come from the space wolf community!! (www.swchq.co.uk)

i'm from Doncaster in the United kingdom and have been painting (Not playing) 40k since 3rd edition
i've played a fair few games but they come around rarely because of lack of opponents really.

My armys at current are: Tyranid (4ed), Necron, Death Guard and Demon hunters. and i hope to start up either a Raven guard or Dark Angel Marine chapter soon...if not prehaps a DIY chapter

i also have a small Nidz BFG fleet.

orignaly had 3rd edition nidz....got bored after a few years...then when 3rd edition necrons appeard i got into them about a year or so after there release.at this time i was also painting demon hunters.

after getting bored of painting silver...4th edition nidz arrived last year and i found this a perfect oppotunity to get back into them. after getting bored of painting purple (notice a trend?) i bought myself a Typhus model....which then brought on the Death Guard.

i'm into alot of heavy metal music and also play guitar. i'm currently on my 6th which is the Dimebag (R.i.p) Dean Dime-O-Flame.

And i shall enjoy my stay here at Heresy online

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