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Another night at the Mangled Moose.

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Malochus said:
The Mangled Moose famous for cheap drink, cheap food and cheaper women. A place of violence and suffering, its the ideal hang out for the worlds drop outs. Famed for massive brawls...DUCK it's all going off again!

The Rules

-Nothing can be used that wouldn't normally be found in a traditional bar. i.e. No lasers, guns or such like.
-This is not a 'kill the above poster' topic. If someone did somthing to you a page back.. feel free to have your sweet revenge.

Lets get it started

This was a great idea, so I am going to try and start it afresh. But remember credit to Malocus for the original.

The revised rules.

Please make your posts of some quality and think of it as a story telling thread where we all take turns.

No weapon can be taken on to the premises (this includes the beer garden and car park). It is physically impossible resulting in the MOOSE taking a direct action agaisnt the individual.
The Moose will deal with rule breakers in this colour text. btw.

You may use anything that may be to hand in a normal pub or bar (stools etc) as a weapon.

This is not to the death it?s a laugh. Maul, kick, bite, scream and fight dirty but funny too!

No commitment required; if you don't post for a while you're knocked out by the action against you, for however long until you post again.

Its a general melee so any one can get stuck in to anyone else.

The Mangled Moose
The Mangled Moose is a drinking house known throughout Time and Space, from the 41st millennium to the days of Bugmans famous brew.
After the last time it had been destroyed many magical sources had been used to render it impervious to flame or sorceries, advanced machines hummed as they powered the many systems that ran the pub.
Down in the cellar, next to the sounds of the fridges and beer lines was the steady throb of the source of the Moose's power.
The Rift was a gateway to any time or place thus enabling The Mangled Moose to procure large supplies of any drink known to anyone/it/thing known,
Also of course for the customers to reach the place in the, well, er the first place.
Fights are quite common in this cosmopolitan atmosphere and this is how the place has been destroyed seven times before.
Apart from that it looks like an average pub with all that you expect to find therein.
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Suddenly drawn from his flect-induced stupor, Anphicar starts.

Looking about the bar from his shadowed corner with glazed eyes... he sees the commings of a fight.
After clearing his fogged mind, Anphicar noticed the perverse follower of Slaanesh and his brash action of cutting the peculiar IV on the once-Marine.

Anphicar ever slowly slinks further down into his seat, melting into the shadows unnoticed, mulling over his possible future courses of action. . .
Nimbly avoiding a thrown organ, Anphicar furtively looks at all possible sources of exit.

Deciding that the bar would soon turn into a gladitorial arena, Anphicar arms himself silently with a glass carafe, dashing the end against the pole supporting the table.
Anphicar anxiously backs away from the growing tension in the bar, attempting to supress his anger, his fear, his disgust.

Noone likes me when I'm angry, he thought.

He vainly tries to shut out the...whispers...
After being taken advantage of in his unstable condition, Anphicar loses his internal battle once more, a gasp escaping his lips.

Entering a fugue state induced by them Anphicar is goaded, teased. Go, little-big one. Go. You have seen what they think of you. They all think the same way...

Bending at the kness to pick up the pool ball, Anphicar curiously observes it with passing interest. Suddenly angry, remembering, Anphicar drops the ball and puts a hand to his head.

Blood. A small trickle, already congealing. But blood nonetheless.

Yes, blood. Blood little one...Show them what blood can be!

"I shall..." rumbled a deep baleful voice, no longer fully Anphicar's.
Nooo! the mind-beast shrieked. My pray..it echoes, withdrawing to its astral home, its energy for the time spent.

Suddenly devoid of semi-animation, Anphicar drops to his knees and vomits, clutching his pulsing mind.Tense onlookers, having seen the whole frightening ordeal, begin to laugh at the sort of comic relief.

They quickly lose their smiles and turn as Anphicar glances sidelong at them.
Anphicar leans on the wall and then slides to the floor abjectly.

Moaning, "Please no..Not again. No, please no, not again..." he begins to slowly rock back and forth.

They must stop!
1 - 7 of 529 Posts
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