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Hi guys, yet again I bring to you another Homebrew Chapter, introducing...

Dread Lords

Basic Details first
Primarch: Rogal Dorn
First Chapter Master: Serbios Ingnious
Current Chapter Master: Lucifer Zandrase
Chief Librarian: Loratious Xoraties
High Chaplain: Zamora Purtorn
Master of the Forge: La’San Alumero
Strength: 590 Marines, 80 Scouts, 2 Landraiders, 3 Landspeeders, 2 Whirlwinds, 5 Predator Tanks, 10 command personnel, 50 Veterans, 10 suits of Tactical Dreadnought Armour, 10 Rhinos, 5 Razorbacks
Space Fleet: 30 Escort craft of varying classes, 3 Strike Cruisers “Beryllium” “Hydroxide” “Peroxide", a singular Battle Barge “Ingnious”
Renegade Possibility: 29% (Note: The Dread Lords are a chapter to watch, yet not to any great extent, some of their practices are disturbing though.)

The Dread Lords were first mentioned in “The Battle of Bleak Hill” Chronicle which started in 999.M41. The Campaign was first constructed to combat the forces of the Xenos know as Orkz. They were employed for their use of stalwart battle tactics and were always deployed as the central rock centre for Imperial Guard regiments, as well as forming a solid defence line for the Marines offensives.
The conclusion of the Campaign was heralded as a great day, but it was also a grave one, for when the Lords had been fighting the filthy Xenos, a group of Ork Warboss’ ran rampant in the lines of their brother Chapter the Imperial Fists, Chapter Master Serbios gathered a core of his best veterans and hurried over to their brothers defence, the Lords fought without fear that day, for it was the Orkz who should have felt it, though they didn’t, they kept swamping their position with innumerable horrors, it was in those hours that Serbios fell, though it did take the un-chivalrous actions of several Warboss’. In the time following the horrid action, the veterans Serbios had gathered, recovered his body and defended it with Blood and Courage. They gave no ground and fought until they could no longer stand. Eventually a new Chapter master was instated, Lucifer Zandrase.
Not much more is known about the chapter

The Dread Lords come from Segmentum Pacificus on the planet Argonia, it is a small Hive World with but one Hive City, “Argon” is a large hive city that contains ¾ of the worlds population with the other quarter scattered around the various Ag-farms and small villages.
When they first arrived on the planet the native inhabitants thought them to be gods of war, descended from the heavens to fight the enemy, it had long been prophesised that they would send away men to become one of the warrior gods.
Before the Dread Astartes arrived on the planet, and before the main Hive city was built, the planet was infested with hibernating Tyranids from a Hive Fleet before the time of man, when the Dread Astartes landed the radiant heat of the plasma reactor engines of the Battle barges and Strike Cruisers awoke the hibernating Tyranids. The Dread Astartes were set upon from every direction as the Tyranids awoke from hibernation and the ground cracked open and large beasts literally blasted out of the ground, engulfing whole squads of Marines, it was only due to a counter attack by Loratious Xoraties and the ten Terminators that killed the beasts while the rest of the fledging chapter set up a improvised base.

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a promising start but could do with a bit more detail in to why they chose that area to create the new chapter homeworld. bit more detail on blood and guts fighting would be nice. but all in all good start :victory:
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