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Another heretic falling in.

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Another new member here. Though it's been a while since I took to the tabletop (40K and Inquisitor) I'm a fan of the setting and fluff. I'm pretty active on the BL forums and I used to be fairly well known (under an older handle) on the old Inquisitor boards, but they're very much in decline.

I write a fair bit of original fiction to explore the many corners, aspects and indeed races of the 40Kverse that aren't explored often enough - if anyone's interested I've put links in my sig to the two pieces I've posted so far.
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Welcome mon ami- you'll fit in fine round here, I welcome you in the name of 40k fluff nerds everwhere as you seem to be in the same boat i'm in (lack of playage but love of background), I have no doubt our Fiction Lord Ploss will be here shortly to welcome you're contributions to fiction so I won't steal his thunder by doing so :wink:

Are you from any continent in particular, or could you even narrow it down to a country? I like to know the nationality of the people I shall be conversing with just so I can give certain allowance to those from the US (*zing*) and frown disapprovingly at those from canada who act like jack-asses...
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