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Another Army List: 2500 Points

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~Daemon Prince
-Wind of Chaos
Total: 185

~Chaos Lord
-Terminator Armor
-Daemon Weapon
Total: 150

~Chosen (7)
-Meltagun x2
-Power Fist
-Plasma Pistol
Total: 201

~Terminators (5)
-Chainfist x3
-Reaper Autocannon
-Lightning Claws
-Combi-weapons x3
Total: 230

-Missile Launcher
-Heavy Flamer
Total: 105

~Berzerkers (12)
-Skull Champion
-Power Fist
Total: 292

~Chaos Space Marines (10)
-Meltagun x2
-Power Weapon
-Plasma Pistol
Total: 220

~Chaos Space Marines (10)
-Meltagun x2
-Power Fist
Total: 215

-Dozer Blade
Total: 40

Fast Attack:
~Chaos Bikers (4)
-Meltagun x2
Total: 152

Heavy Support:
~Obliterators (3)
Total: 225

~Havocs (5)
-Missile Launcher x2

~Havocs (5)
-Missile Launcher x2

-Lascannon Sponsons
-Daemonic Possession
-Dirge Caster
Total: 130

Grand Total: 2375
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I dislike Daemon Princes at 2500 pts because they are too easily picked out and killed. Now sorcerers or lords can be hidden in Squads and can affect the game from the hatch of a rhino.

Anything that can take a rhino should take a rhino imo, and the ones that you want to sit on objectives should take havoc launchers.

Also IMO Chaos Dreads should never be taken. Even with 2 CCW they still have bolters and will still stop and shoot at the nearest unit 2x. Now if you have a rhino next to the Dread and the Dread shoots it you don't loose anything, EXCEPT a turn of movement and assault. If you roll like I do and can roll multiple 1s in a game the dread does nothing. I tested dreads a couple times and in Pitched Battle Deployment my dreads didnt even make it to the center line of the table.

I would probably drop the Champion, Power Fist ,Plasma Pistol, and Meltabombs from the Chosen. I would give them another Melta and 2 Plasmaguns. I wouldn't give them a Rhino and plan on infiltrating them. This unit is fairly cheap and its a threat. It can pop tanks and kill TEQs and with Inflitrate you can use them to cover your flank or present a threat that your opponent has to kill before it moves on.

You may want to add another Troop Choice, 2/3s of the game is objectives and with only 3 troops you may not have another alive at the end.

And you break the force org chart in the heavy department. Like Salio said if you combine the havocs you should fix that problem.

My 2500 list is something like the following for reference:
2 Sorcs
With Lash of Submission

10 Chosen
2 Plague
1 Icon of Chaos Glory

2x 8man Khorn Zerkers
Champ with PFist
Rhino EA

2x 7man Plague Marines
2x Plasmaguns
Champ with PFist
Rhino with Havoc Launcher

1 6man Noise Marine
1x BLastmaster
1x Sonic Blaster
Rhino with Havoc Launcher

3x 3man Oblits.
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