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A N I M O S I T Y Events aim to bring together the
Warhammer 40,000 gaming community for exciting,
narrative based gaming events. The objective of
Animosity Events is to allow players to play in noncompetitive
story driven encounters, in which the
power of the narrative is more important than the
power of the army build.

Gamers with all levels of experience are welcome to
join us at the events, and we hope that all players that
attend can enjoy the campaigns. Whilst there are
obvious elements of winning and losing, we are not
running tournaments, we hope that players will play
the miniatures they want to use because they want to
use them, not because they want to win. Some of our
most memorable moments in war-gaming have been
mid-annihilation, when a standalone hero dies hard
and makes that game, the game in which we took a
beating, more memorable than any of our victories.
Sportsmanship is preferable to gamesmanship, and
whether winning or losing please remember, even in
defeat, at a narrative campaign your story is not over
and from the jaws of defeat you can snatch the cake
of victory!

The Venerable Dread a.k.a. geordie09 a.k.a. Scott

The Novacastrian Hegemony lies on the extreme
edges of the Damocles Gulf, a system already mired in
turmoil. Beneath the Hives of Novacastra in the
depths of Hive Primus something festers and rots. The
forces of Chaos are ever seeking to sew discord
throughout the Imperium, be it through incursions led
by bolter and chainsword or insurrections driven by
word and deed. There are of course those servants of
the dark gods who spread their foul taint in the form
of virus or plague...

The Novacastrian Hegemony is under siege, though it
is as yet unaware of this fact. Within the bowels of
Hive Primus the first cadavers of the contagion are
about to created. Once those within the forgotten
depths of the Hive are dead, they will be re-born, and
their re-animated corpses will carry

The game pack can be found in the link below

More info on the event can be found here :)

Lasty we glad to say we know supporting a new local gaming venue with sales and commision work - Our event will be hosted by Dreamlike Gaming



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