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Angmar and Dwarf lists

In our effort to make Lotr a more noticed game system i have decided to post these example army list to give players an idea into what sort of combinations they can use. These are not just for competitive games but can be used for fun aswell, as this was what the Lotr game was originally intended for. I'll start with a good force then put up a evil force, remember they are examples and are not meant for competitve play. I can do this each week if it seems to go down reasonable well. Comments are welcome and would be much appreicated.

Good side (Dwarfes)
Gimli =90
King w/ 2Handed weapon, throw axes =85
Captain w/ Shield, throw axes =70
12 dwarves w/ 4 shields, 2 T-Handed weapons, 6 bows =106
10 Kazhad Guard =110
1 Banner bearer =38
Total =499

Angmar (Orcs and vile creatures)
1 Shade =100
2 Barrow wights =100
16 orcs w/ 6 shileds, 6 spears, 4 T-Handed weapons =96
2 Cave trolls w/ Chains =170
2 Spectres =30
Total =496

Here follows a quick battle report in the form of a narrative, read on and see who won the fight.
The day was long and the warves had been marching along the great eastern road heading for rivendell. For the best part of the day they spent on this dusty track and it felt they had got nowhere fast. They stopped and began to set up camp when a foul wind beset upon them. "What is this trickery" asked Dwali the King of the eastern mountains. "This is the work of the Witch King and his minions" replied Gimli son of gloin.
A loud howl sound in the distance, "GET TO THE WOODS" bellowed Hagil "THEY ARE COMING"! "Who's coming, i want to rest my feet" replied Fillis. Before he had time to get up and argue, a giant warg pounced from behing the rocks and ripped the dwarfe limb from limb. His blood sprayed everywhere, and in a crimsom shower covered his fellow travelers. "YAAAAH! DIE YOU BEAST"! Cried out one of the stuntys as he lept to his feet and cleaved the warg through it's head. "Good work there laddy" Dwali said "I thought i was a gonner for a minute". Just then a horde of orcs began to chant and the dwarfes knew they were in for a fight.
They ran to the woods and dived into the bushes just as the orcs got into sight for the first time. A hail of arrows came crashing down all around them, as they scurried in the shrubbery to get into their battle postions. Dwarfes returned fire but it had little effect as only a couple of the orcs went down.
More dark magic was upon as Shades and Spectres appeared, intent on spilling blood for their master Sauron. Next came the cave trolls who bellowed out in defiance and began to ripp up rocks, ready to throw. "TAKE UP YOUR POSTIONS! TODAY WE SHALL KILL SOME ORC!" Ordered Gimli. As the orcs draw near, the cries of the dwarfes war shouts could be heard well over a league away "BARUK KHAZAD! KHAZAD AI-MENU!" the axes of the dwarves, the dwarves are upon you! Throwing axes filled the air as the dwarves charged head long into the orcs battle line, their blades made their mark, orc blood filled the air in red and black mist. Their cries of anguish echoed all around the land. The trolls entered the fray and began their death toll, the Shades and Spectres began to weild dark magic and called forth the Barrow wights, the Dwarves started to become paraletic and immobile as the magic took effect. Only Gimli and Dwali were unharmed, their force of will proving to strong even for the the Lord Saurons most powerful of minions. "TAKE IT DOWN! TAKE IT DOWN!" Dwali said as he bellowed his orders at the remaining dwarves still fighting. They all jumped at the nearest troll and began to hack, it's scaly skin was cleaved off in massed chunks and it's blood filled the nostrils of it's murderers. Yet more came at them, they had no chance of survial, their numbers were to thin and they could not muster the strength to survive another wave. "RETREAT! RETREAT! FALL BACK TO HILL AND HEAD FOR RIVENDELL!" Gimli screamed at the top of his voice as he split his last opponants head into two, the orcs skll cracking under the weight of the axe and it's blood and ichor covering Gimli in a red and black sticky coat much like armour.
The orcs began to pursue but only got as far as the Loudwater river, when their vileevil masters called them back. "We are safe now i think" said Dwali to gimli, "Aye, we must get to Rivendell and tell the elves of this attack. Not that they will care about it" Replied Gimli "But first we must rest and eat, lets get a fire going".

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Always great to see Battle Reports and what other people do for Army lists.

I know they're not competitive tournament lists but for both I'd use less expensive units. For example drop either the King or the Captain in the Dwarf list and maybe drop a Cave troll in the Orc list. Afterall that few models in an Orc army isn't a good sign.

Though don't get me wrong, they're both good lists. And I can see them packing a punch still, especially with those Shades/Barrow Wights.
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