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Angels of Darkness V Fallen Angels (spoilers)

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Just finished Angles of Darkness. I enjoyed it, but reading it has annoyed me. Fallen Angles (which I dislike even more now) and Angels of Darkness hardly match up to say the least! Honestly, did Mike Lee even bother to read this before starting his book?? I know that authors have their own take on events and I understand this. But the two books each have fundamental and completely different histories for the Dark Angles. These are not minor discrepancies around the periphery but themes central to the Legions identity. AOD suggests that Luther was loyal (as does the opening blurb of Decent of Angels) but in FA he clearly was not. Astelan’s portrayal in FA is farcical to say the least and the whole thing seems a total mess.
I really enjoy Black Libraries work but I have to hold them responsible for this shambles. It’s easy to say “oh Astelan was just lying” but that is a cop out as AOD seemed to be all about why Astelan was not lying and in fact telling the truth.
The issue around the Lion’s fence sitting has clearly not been resolved and this could still go either way. Personally I would like to see Gav Thrope write the next Horus Heresy Dark Angles book and for the Lion to be a treacherous fence sitter.
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i disagree. Luther saw the imperium for what it was. a massive galaxy pimp. whoreing out worlds it enslaves to use them for all their resoures before casting them to the shadows. Thats why he turned on the imperium, he was loyal to his planet and people and did not want to see his homeworld raped of its identity.

also, the reason why i think Jonson distanced himself from Luther was that Jonson knew that Luther contemplated letting the bomb rigged ship explode at the end of Decent of Angles, thus killing him. even though Luther didnt, Lion knew he considered it. so he banished him (and his men) back to Caliban until he could decide how to deal with his (up until then) most trusted friend.
What got me with that, is why he sent Zal back as well. I figure it is because Johnson was afraid of the power that Zal and Ist have being librarians. And the battle which took part just before scared Johnson into believing that they were more powerful then him.

But then there was the part in the briefing room where Ist spoke about the phsyic bomb and Johnson was confused and hated being over shadowed. But again, why send back Zal, as he was argueablly one of the best warriors under Johnsons command.

I don't want any people to ruin it for me if it is cleared up in FOA as I'm about 80 pages in on it :D... but from the sounds of it... with people being left to guess... I can safely assume the issue wasn't cleared up in the novel.

I just hate how they protray Johnson as a giant Dick... just like... I don't like you, so leave...
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