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Angels of Darkness V Fallen Angels (spoilers)

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Just finished Angles of Darkness. I enjoyed it, but reading it has annoyed me. Fallen Angles (which I dislike even more now) and Angels of Darkness hardly match up to say the least! Honestly, did Mike Lee even bother to read this before starting his book?? I know that authors have their own take on events and I understand this. But the two books each have fundamental and completely different histories for the Dark Angles. These are not minor discrepancies around the periphery but themes central to the Legions identity. AOD suggests that Luther was loyal (as does the opening blurb of Decent of Angels) but in FA he clearly was not. Astelan’s portrayal in FA is farcical to say the least and the whole thing seems a total mess.
I really enjoy Black Libraries work but I have to hold them responsible for this shambles. It’s easy to say “oh Astelan was just lying” but that is a cop out as AOD seemed to be all about why Astelan was not lying and in fact telling the truth.
The issue around the Lion’s fence sitting has clearly not been resolved and this could still go either way. Personally I would like to see Gav Thrope write the next Horus Heresy Dark Angles book and for the Lion to be a treacherous fence sitter.
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In Angels of Darkness the message its trying to put across wasn't that Luther was loyal, its that Lion El'Jonson was disloyal.

What Angels of Darkness claims is that Lion El'Jonson was corrupted by Chaos and deliberately arrived late to Terra so he could see who was winning. If Horus had been winning then the Dark Angels would have joined with him, however they lost and when he returned to Caliban the loyal garrison and Luther wouldn't allow them to land, believing they were tainted. Jonson opened fire on Caliban and the battle begun.

I personally believe that its true. The Fallen are really the true loyalists and the ancient Dark Angels were the traitors to the Imperium, even if they didn't actually defect.
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