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A ststement like that bears witness to the other relationships the primarchs have though.

Russ was a warrior alone. His (self appointed?) Role ensured he kept a distance. Guilleman was deemed pompous. Sanguinius was 'loved' but it is rarely expanded upon as to why he may have made warmaster other than sheer military potential. Dorn was pretty much despised outside of recognition of his ability. The khan wanted fuck all to do with Imperium and only real relationship was with Horus. Ferrus Manus only notable relationship was with Fulgrim. Corax hasn't really had much about him, but his nature is hardly capable of forming a close relationship - always referred to as being on the fringe. Vulkan seems to have been 'liked' but maybe in the simple headed child manner (my reading between the lines, anyway) due to his tertiary role in the fighting sometimes. Which leaves the Lion, and we all know how secret and trusting he is.

The loyalists were thrown together through a love of the Imperium, not through their belief in one other, and often despite of that, as with Khan, and Ferrus. That relationship between primarchs was stronger in many places than the fractious elements between the loyalists. After all look at how FM reacted when he was told he was too far in advance - which then subsequently got him killed.

That brotherhood is not there, and something many people miss, as the trope is usually lots of disparate good allies coming together in the end and becoming victorious and friends (Tolkien fantasy). In this, the 'goodies' simply set aside their differences for a time due to necessity.

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