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Angel of Exterminatus vs Betrayer (Primarch RelationshipS)

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After rereading Betrayer, I couldn't help but see a similarity as well as a difference with Angel Exterminatus when analyzing Primarch relationships. Not going to lie, one of the novels was definitely a better read than the other, which may also hide perhaps a connection.

In one hand we have Fulgrim and Perturabo who seem to have similarities in terms of strive for perfection, and yet, their relationship was warped from the beginning of the book with Fulgrim's scheming. We see how far Fulgrim will go to get what he wants including sacrificing the entirety of his allies.

On the other hand, we have the relationship between Angron and Lorgar who have different backgrounds, ideals, and philosophies. One could see this in The Butcher's Nails and a little bit into Betrayer when Lorgar and his men see Angron's flaws. We also see how Angron and the World Eaters view the Word Bearers and Lorgar, even referring to them several times as cowards. However, we still see a bonding experience and need to cooperate despite those differences.

Some could debate good vs bad writing, or even coincidence that two primarchs stories were written about like that. However, I think there is some room to think they did this deliberately. But my question is what is the significance?

I feel that its suppose to represent two different sides of chaos some how. Its an issue because one could argue that the same problems of Angel Exterminatus could be seen in Betrayer. However the relationship between Lorgar and Angron seem too much pinnacle part that it overrides that appearance... at least to me. :)

I'm really interested in how people view the differences and similarities of the novels and any connection.
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I think both relationships show how easily the bonds of 'brotherhood' are set aside by the Traitor Primarchs and given completely to the expediency of the moment... and how easily both Perturabo and Angron lose their misguided personal ideals they had held so high.
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