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Just ended up reading the two novels.,

As I've heard and readed about them before reading them I was expecting a long and painful reading ending in tears of rage. And I must confess that I was wrong. The novel were quite pleasant, not unforgettable, but pleasant. Yeah, I know it could be shocking to some of you, but I enjoyed them.

Graham MacNeill show his usual strenghts and weakness here : great characters and great interaction between them. Interesting depiction of battle, that's the good side, on the bad side we have, irrelevant fanservice and autopromotion made by obscure reference that punish those who don't have bought every bok in the series without really rewarding the fan who have.

Oh, and he also made reference to Abnett earlier work, bu it didn't make any real sense if you haven't read the "Little Aximand" short story.

Nevertheless, I was infuriated when I ended Vengefuls Spirit. Why ?


Yes, you read me well and that's why I talk about the two novels in the same thread. There are five hundreds pages of the same story : The traitors came t a loyalist bastion. Gather to make an expedition that will unveil some obscure dark powers, they are opposed by the loyalist who fail or perish in doing so, and the traitors finish a little more corrupt. The end.

But the structure of thoses two story are basically the same. Even the POV is basically the same, Horus and the new mournival/Perturabo and the Trident, Garviel Loken and the errant Knight/The Irons Hands and Nykona Sharrowkyn. Basically Perturabo is the same guy than Horus in those novels except that Perturabo seem just a little more gruffy, maybe.

So yes, I enjoyed to read those stories, but no, I don't like being sold the same book twice, and I fear MacNeill is running out of idea.

For what it's worth, it's maybe a good idea that BL is slowing down HH publication : their writer needs to make an urgent ressuply of inspiration and the HH Forgeworld have to catch up anyway with the BL storyline anyway.
I've seen this problem before as many have compared that Fulgrim and A Thousand Sons have the exact same story-structure, only the details have been changed. The reasons why they are more forgiven is that he creates fantastic ideas, tragic character fates and philosophical dilemmas.

AE was problematic for me as it contained too little Fulgrim and EC, and Perturabo was portayed as a loyalist almost. It went against all of what his character is supposed to be. I've heard mostly bad things from VS because of the stupid character choices, but it shames to hear this.
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