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I expect we've already acquired most of the Netrunner players in the surrounding area (as well as some from Oxford and other parts), but if you are an Android: Netrunner player near Reading, there is a large and thriving community (normally between 10 and 20 players) that meet in the excellent Eclectic Games in Reading on Tuesday nights 6.30-11 pm.

We've just finished a league season, and will be unlikely to kick off another until after Christmas, so it's a good time to come along for casual play. There's plenty of people who will be happy to teach the game to new players, and Eclectic holds a bunch of starter tutorial decks for this particular purpose.

We have a wide range of players at different levels, including players that participated in the UK nationals last year, all the way through to people who have only just started learning to play. Similarly we have players at all ranges of the current card cycle, from those with just the starter set, through to the most recent Datapacks, though most people are tilted to be up to date with the card pool.

For those that don't know, Netrunner is a cyberpunk themed 2 player asymmetrical card game, where one player simulates a nefarious megacorporation attempting to advance evil agendas, and the other player plays a hacker trying to expose and steal the corporation's vital information for profit/for the good of the public/for shits and giggles. It's a game rich in hidden information, playing probabilities, managing risk and economy, and the asymmetry makes it particularly engaging. The game follows Fantasy Flight's LCG format, where the card pool is available in rigidly controlled sets. You buy a pack, you know what cards you are getting. None of the booster buying random bullshit of MTG.

The UK scene feels like it's really starting to take off, and the community in Reading is great, so if you fancy yourself an evil corporate executive, or a daring Whitehat or Blackhat, come and pit your wits against the Reading Collective!
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