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And the battle comes to us...

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(When deciding what happens I will be consulting dice, and fluff…and the storyline of course)
(For those that read this and want to join the recruiting thread is here)

Pantheon VII
The command room was lit only by candle light, and the Captains all sat around a large circular table. Just as Laertes sat down there was a slam of doors behind him. He and the other Captains turned to see Chapter Master Valorus Hector walk in with his terminator bodyguard. He sat down in a large chair three chairs to the left of Laertes, and nodded to each Captain in turn until he sat down.

“Techmarine Xander has called this meeting so let’s start now that everyone is here” Valorus said, looking over to Xander as he turned on the holo-gram in the center of the table.

“At 0700 Hours Standard Terran Time, My probes picked up a rift in the warp opening,” Xander stated, as the holo-gram came into focus on a rift in space with a small force of ships moving through it. “Through this rift two Battle Barges in Dark Iron colours, and three standard battleships depicted Barrier Unbroken, Siege Breaker, and Malice Content broke through along with three Escorts each. I have calculated that following this flight pattern and speed they will reach Pantheon V in exactly 3 weeks, 4 days, 16 hours, 47 minutes, 38 seconds, and 87 milliseconds all Standard Terran Time, with a .00054 millisecond margin of error.” Xander being one of the followers of Omissiah, stated all of this in a monotone through a grill that replaced his mouth.

Xander sat back down as the holo-gram turned off. All the Captains had watched intently, but everyone knew that no one was to speak until the Chapter Master spoke.

“This is unexceptable,” said Valorus. “Laertes I thought you told me you wiped out all remants of Camelai’s forces on Grenden.”

“I thought we did, we did an extensive auspex sweep of the entire planet, and nothing showed up.” Said Laertes through clenched teeth, his anger obviously showing.

“Well these are Dark Iron ships aren’t they? We haven’t had any contact with the Dark Iron since Camelai and he has been saying that he had a surprise in store for you.”

“Well I never expected an entire battlefleet!”

“It doesn’t matter now, I am placing your entire company and you responsible for bringing this down.”

“As you order my lord.” Laertes said with a grin “This will be over soon”

“Good then this meeting is over” said Valorus getting up and walking swiftly to the doors that seemed to open under just the Chapter Master’s gaze, then slammed shut as he and his bodyguards were through the doorway.

One by one the Captains walked out another door, Laertes was last to leave, head swarming with thoughts. “Calling all sergeants, I am calling a emergency meeting, meet me in strategic room Bravo 3. Leave your squads in the training area. Laertes out” He sub-vocalized through the comm in his throat. Getting the ten affirmatives he turned it off and headed for the room. “Yes this was going to be over very soon.”

(sorry for the god-mod but just setting up a way to introduce your character and their squad by what kind of training they are doing)
(I will post the next post when everyone that has been confirmed is in the strategic room)
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Lucifer looked over his squad.
'Ok boys, lets move,' he said as the squad formed up into two ranks, Lucifer in the middle of the first rank with his two Meltagun Marines and two other Marines on either side of the Melta marines and the lascannon Marine behind Lucifer with four Marines in a rank beside him.
They all took two steps forward, all as one, the Meltagun Marines raised their Meltaguns at the two Rhinos and pulled the trigger, both Rhinos blowing up in good fashion, the Marines then opened fire on the Chaos Marines behind the ruined Rhinos Lucifer added a couple of shots from his Bolter as well, just to be sure.
All the while the Lascannon Marine had been busy setting up his Lascannon.
As the next set of targets rolled up Lucifer was glad he had ordered the Lascannon set up, for what was there was a pair of Landraiders, The Lascannon fired, breaking a hole through one, the Meltaguns fired, on of the shots glanced across the vehicle, taking off one of its sponsons, the other one fired and burnt a hole through the tanks armour, killing everyone inside.
Lucifer sighed, that was close, but then he saw the occupents, a squad of Khorne Bezerkers.
'Hold fast,' Lucifer yelled as he pulled the trigger of his Bolter and didn't let go until he heard the click of the weapon running dry, he magged it to his thigh and drew his Two-Handed Power Sword "Hells Teeth". A bezerker went to bash Lucifer over the head with his axe but instead Lucifer drove hells Teeth through the Traitors stomach.
Lucifer grunted as he kicked the traitor clear and jumped towards the next Bezerker, he easily decaptiataed hima nd moved on, he gave a look to his squad, four of them were dead and the Meltagun Marines were only just holding out, back-to-back and using their meltaguns to great effect, Lucifer looked over to where the lascannon Marine was, only to find a Lascannon lying on the ground, thats seven marines down, only the Meltagun Marines and him left, he thought as he turned around to see a Defiler heading straight for him, usually the Meltagun marines would deal with it, but one of them had just been killed and the other one was in a fist fight with a Bezerker.
Lucifer ripped a pair of Krak grenades off his belt and charged the beast, a roar of determination on his lips.
He vaulted over the Defilers claw as it swiped at him, it swiped again, but this time Lucifer jumped onto the claw and let himself be thrown onto the defilers body, where he planted the two grenades and pressed the activate button, nothing happened, they were jammed, Lucifer took none of this as a suprise and just drew his Bolter and fired.

Lucifer jumped with a start, his virtual battle helmet nearly hitting the floor, but he caught it with ease.
He looked up and saw a Marine shaking him.
'Sarge, the Captain wants to see you,' he said.
'Thankyou Lucius, I will go, until then, keep the squad in order will you,' Lucifer said as he jumped off the chair and walked briskly to the Strategic room.
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As always Ferun was giving his unnecessary lecture about the qualities of the flamer over other weapons.
This lectures turned into some kind of a joke in the squad but although he knew it he couldent force himself to stop. "... So when facing hoards of enemies in close combat one of the best things to do is using the flamer, it will crush thier spirits and then you will crush thier bones, the flamer is a multipur..." he didnt finish the sentence when he saw the chapter master himself walking near them, for a second he got scared thinking that the chapter leader is going towards them but then when seeing him continues onward he calmed down.

Continuing his speech Ferun was just about to finish it when he heard the door open several times and talking filled the air.
After a minute he saw the cause of this noise, a handful of captains walked past them talking with themselvs, they didnt look happy, not even a snigle one of them.
Ferun turned to his squad, i got a really bad feeling, you are all dismissed for now and i suggest that you go prepare for the worst.

Not even half a minute after saying that he heard "Calling all sergeants, I am calling a emergency meeting, meet me in strategic room Bravo 3. Leave your squads in the training area. Laertes out”, Laertes said for the comm.
He turned to the squad members who where still there and said, "I told you something bad is happening", he smiled with excitment and continued "and we like bad things".
Then starting to walk swiftly he was heading towards strategic room Bravo 3 determinated to unvail the mystery of this unpredicted gathering.
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Leon stood behind his squad of battle brothers. They were training their long range prowess for which his squad was famous for, all the while Leon shouted encouragement and corrected mistakes. His squad would be perfect in battle. "Darius, you are using too much ammo needlessly on a target. If you do this in a fire fight then I will make sure that you fast for several days and pray to the Emperor for forgiveness." Darius grunted his reply and calmed his firing lane. Leon moved behind each one shouting at the top of his voice to be heard over the din of the bolters. He stopped behind brother Colt and his flamer. Colt was tall, lean and very loyal. He would take over upon Leon's death that much was for sure.

A missile streaked from the shoulder of the crouching Garus and Leon was impressed to see him hit his target at such a long range. "Well done brother, your ability with a missile launcher continues to impress me by the day." He patted his brother on the shoulder and continued down the ranks. “Calling all sergeants, I am calling a emergency meeting, meet me in strategic room Bravo 3. Leave your squads in the training area. Laertes out". Leon looked over to Colt, "Take control off the squad, keep them training." With that he turned a pulled on his battle helm, locking it in place. He switched his channel from squad to his captain and said simply "Affirmative sir, Leon out." He broke into a jog, trying to get their fast.
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Helstrom paced in between the dueling astartes of his squad, occasionaly stopping a duel to correct mistakes or instruct on a proper techinique. Helstrom took great pride in his squad as they trained, each one a deadly warrior with a blade and bolter. "Remember Astartes, like the great Emperor against The Betrayer, we must be prepared to meet the enemy head on with the knowledge that we, and we alone, shall emerge victorious!". The warriors seemed possessed by the words and quickly began viciously attacking one another with renewed vigour.

As Helstrom made his way to the opposite end of the training room, he saw his second, Marius, and the remainder of the squad shooting target practice with their bolt guns. Each space marine firing controlled but lethal bursts from their guns. "Brother Marius, how do the men fare?". Marius, wiping sweat from his face, turned to Helstrom and nodded, "Good Brother-Sergeant, they train today like the Emperor himself was by their sides". Helstrom nods proudly as he recieves a messege from the captain. “Calling all sergeants, I am calling a emergency meeting, meet me in strategic room Bravo 3. Leave your squads in the training area. Laertes out”. Helstrom turns to Marius "Brother Marius, continue training the men, no rest, the Emperor will not tolerate slacking and neither shall I." Marius nods his head and takes over walking through the training hall as Helstrom begins making his way to strategic room Bravo 3
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"In position, Sergeant." The voice of Egnar resonated through the vox channel, and Leitz looked over to the far right, the heavy foliage where the marine had hidden. Virtually undetectable by the naked eye, that was a fine disguise. The others were also well entrenched and ready, all within the time limit set by the sergeant.

"Good." He glanced over to the two marines behind him. "Icipher, Veila, we'll be the bait. Follow me." Vaulting over the rock he was using as a cover, Leitz pulled a grenade from his belt, activated it and threw it towards the mass of genestealers and hormagaunts. Then, charging forward, he fired his storm bolter at the surprised group of tyranids, and took cover behind another set of rocks near the ambush point. Through the continuous barking of his weapon and the screeches of agony from the nids, he heard two bolters open fired at the bugs next to him. Excellent, they had drawn the nids' attention.

Slicing the head off a hormagaunt that had jumped over the hailstorm of bolts, Leitz nodded to his two subordinates. "To point B, move!" Putting another hormagaunt down with a few clear shots to its body, the sergeant began the second phase of the attack, running towards the clearing where the rest of the squad will have a clear shot at the tyranids following behind. Once behind a prepared cover, he gave the order, and in no time the xenos were dead under the combined might of his squad. Kicking apart the corpse of a particularly burnt genestealer, Leitz nodded in satisfaction as the scenery faded, signalling the end of the simulation. "Well done, nice and crunchy."

Walking over towards the control of the simulation chamber, Leitz was about to commence another practice when a message came through. Frowning slightly, he gave his captain a curt affirmative and started up another scenario, this time within a ruined hive. "Right, I've been summoned by the Captain. Continue training and remain alert. Looking over towards Meltagunner, he gave him a nod and spoke through the vox again. "Calistarius will take command while I'm away, and he'll be giving me reports of this simulation. Clear?"

The answer he received was in time and in agreement with each other. "Good, carry on." With that, he exited the simulation chamber and made his way towards Strategic Room Bravo 3.
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"Stop swinging that blade around so carelessly! Let the blade be an extension of your arm." Fortis shouted to two of his squad members who were in the training cage.
The entire squad, Fortis included, was only wearing the leg armor of their power armor, leaving the upper body bare.
The two men in the cage carried real combat swords, capable of easily killing a marine if he wasn't careful. Both of the men had deep cuts in them, but they continued to fight despite the pain.
"Oszkár, stop swinging you sword in such wide arcs, any real opponent would have killed you already." Fortis said.
"You mean to tell me I'm not a real opponent, sir?" grunted Stamatis, parring a blow from Oszkár's blade.
Fortis smiled, Stamatis's anger would make him fight more aggressively, but it would also make him sloppy. The battle had gone on to long to not have a winner and fortis was trying to end it.
Stamatis swung a massive overhand strike which Oszkár blocked with his blade, countering with a brutal uppercut to the gut. Oszkár then slammed the hand guard of his blade across Stamatis's face, cutting through his cheek. The force of this blow caused Stamatis to drop his blade, Oszkár simply placed the tip of his sword on Stamatis's throat.
"Time!" Fortis shouted, "Stamatis, you were doing fair until you telegraphed that last strike. Only do that when your opponent has no chance of blocking. Oszkár, I'm not sure why or how you won, but pray no one ever attacks you in close combat."
"I don't have to fight with a blade, that's why I carry the cannon."
"Tell that to the Emperor when he asks how you died." Fortis said, opening up the fighting cage. Bořivoj, Sotiris, you're up!"
As the two entering the cage, Fortis's vox came on.
"Calling all sergeants, I am calling a emergency meeting, meet me in strategic room Bravo 3. Leave your squads in the training area. Laertes out”
"Continue fighting, captain wants me. Don't be surprised if you need to get suited up when I return.
Fortis considered putting a shirt on, but I'd take to long to go to his room, so he headed to Bravo 3.
While waking there Fortis had an itch on his left arm. He scratched it, but only rubbed his bionics. Phantom itch. Fortis thought and he opened and closed his hand, twisted his arm, and bent the elbow, attempting to make the sensation go away.
Nearing the strategic room he stopped his arm spasm, the others would have a hard time figuring out what he was doing.
Entering the room he could tell he was the last to arrive.
Now I get hell for being late and not being properly dressed.

"Captain, forgive me for being late, the sparing cages are half way across the ship and I didn't think I would have time to redress."
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"Andres! Protect Gorion's weak spot!" ordered Exodus, as the squad avanced on one of their training routines, he looked at Ferador, the youngest member of his squad. "Ferador; stick with the squad. Always have your bolter at ready and don't focus too much on your sword."

A Tyranid roared over a rock, causing the Marines to scatter. "Hold Firm, brothers! Purge the xeno with fire!"

Archador brought the Flamer to bare, unleashing deadly fire on the xenos, bringing the two Gaunts down with one swift strike. The ground shook beneath their feet.

"Trygon!" bellowed Exodus, diving for cover as the ground began to split open in the simulation centre. "Get clear!"

All of his brothers dived for cover as the huge beast surfaced, howling its dominance. Brother Gorion climbed to his feet after the Sergeant, and then the comm link in Sergeant Exodus' throat burst into life.

"Calling all sergeants, I am calling a emergency meeting, meet me in strategic room Bravo 3. Leave your squads in the training area. Laertes out."

"Brothers," remarked Exodus. "I have an appoitment in strategic Room Bravo 3. Dixon will be in command in my absence."

"It is an honour, Sergeant," Dixon remarked as the simulated Trygon vanished, Exodus stepping out of the room and walking to Bravo 3. He noticed Brother Sergeants Helstrom and Leon stepping out of their simulation pods and continued.
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Above Pantheon VII

Laertes stood in the strategic room watching as his sergeants walked through the door one after another. He also duly noted how fast they got to the strategic room. Soon five had filled the room and Fortis entered. "Captain, forgive me for being late, the sparing cages are half way across the ship and I didn't think I would have time to redress." Just as Fortis finished Exodus walked in behind them.

“Sit down I will deal with you later” Laertes said to Fortis. “I have more pressing matters then whether or not you are dressed properly.” Realizing he was expressing his anger towards his sergeants he took a deep breath. “I have a message that Techmarine Xander gave to me.

“At 0700 Hours Standard. My probes picked up…” The message started. During the message Laertes sat down in his onyx chair and stared at each of his sergeants expression due to the message. Lucifer took it all in, and Laertes could practically see the gears working in his mind, Ferun glowering at the table listening to the message clearly troubled by the arrogance of the Dark Iron to attack the Siege Specter’s system, yet there seemed to be excitement in his eyes as well, Leon sat there deep in thought, Helstrom sat with even more anger in his eyes then Ferun, Leitz sat with a smile on his face. “Most likely excited to be in combat again” Laertes thought with a grim smile, and so it went with each sergeant. Then the room lit up again as the holo-gram ended.

“The Chapter Master is angry that we didn’t completely exterminate the forces when we captured Camelai, so he has put me in charge of the destruction of these ships…” he said slowly calculating what he would say next. “However we will not make it to Pantheon V in time to stop them from landing on the planet. This means that we will be landing on a enemy controlled planet so we must take our time when it is time to deploy our men.”

Laertes thought inwardly about how the loyal citizens to the Emperor on Pantheon V were going to be killed and tortured. “Also we will be taking Camelai himself with us to further interrogate him.” He said looking for a reaction from his sergeants. “We will meet again in one and a half Standard Terran Months to discuss our strategy. Until then I want your men suited up performing the Defend Fortress and Siege Making scenarios in the simulation rooms, and I want your men to be mobilized before we break warp travel. That is all you are dismissed”
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Fortis listened to the briefing, noting that the captain was carefully choosing his words. This startled Fortis, for what would make Laertes so cautious?
When done, Fortis slipped out of the briefing room, hoping Laertes would stop him and scorn him.
Fortis opened a vox-link with his squad, "Men, gear up and meet me at the simulation deck, we got an hour."
Fortis suited up and headed to the simulation deck, when his men arrived the entered a room and began.

"Oszkár, get up to that tower," Fortis shouted motioning to a tower that over looked the battlefield, "I want bolt guns in the firing slits, go!"
As his men moved, Fortis looked out of the window, seeing the enemy getting closer. The had vindicators, which would surely break through the gate soon, and Oszkár's plasma cannon didn't have the armor penetration to bust through the tanks. Vollies of bolter fire ripped from the fortress wall, cutting down waves of Dark Irons, but there were to damn many.
"Bořivoj, Simonides, with me." Fortis ordered as he ran to the gate.
Fortis jumped behind a pile of sandbags just and the gate was breeched. Iron Warriors swarmed in, and were met by plasma fire.
"Oszkár, stay where you are, the rest of you, on me!" Fortis shouted, "You will not embarrass the Emperor by dieing today!"
The renegades closed in on Fortis's squad, and finally close combat broke out.
Fortis ducked under the swing of one Dark, while bringing his claw into the mans chest. Holstering his gun, Fortis threw a plasma grenade, the super-heated substance burning the renegades, creating a small bulge in their line.
"Strike at them! No remorse, kill the heretics!" Fortis yelled as he ran into the renegades lines. Fortis jumped out of the way of a heretics knife, Fortis grabbed the mans wrist, cut off his arm with the other hand and cut open his chest. More warriors charged Fortis, and more warriors died.
The Dark Iron's moved back some, and Fortis saw this as a opportunity to reseal the gates. "Brother Oszkár, fire at the support beam above the gate."
Oszkár's plasma round hit the metal beam, causing it to collapse, along with some of the wall, crushing many rebels under. Those that were on the inside of the fort were quickly cut down while those out side had to try and climb over the rubble with out being shot as the came over the top.
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Helstrom sat and listened to the report. Burning with pious fury, Helstrom could barely keep his anger from taking over as their corrupt kin made their way to one of the Siege Specter's worlds. "The heretics will burn for this affront to the Emperor!" Helstrom spat venemously. As the captain dismissed them, Helstrom immedietly voxed to his squad, "Brother Marius, assemble the squad in the simulation deck right now!".

As Helstrom reached the simulation decks, he saw his squad was already there and ready to go. Nodding at his men, Helstrom engaged the Siege Making scenario.

"Brother Carnus, stay here and lay down suppressing fire on the heretics with your Heavy Bolter." Helstrom said as he motioned for his flamers, Dante and Kantor. "Brothers, you two stay behind the rest the squad and when the breach opens, bathe the cursed enemy with the Emperor's Fury." The two nod their assent and take up positions behind the rest of the squad. Helstrom regards the rest of the squad as bolt round kick the the ground around them. "Brothers, under covering fire we will assult the wall, Brothers Krux and Varas will use their melta bombs to create an opening and after cleansing the corrputed with holy fire, we will assault the enemy mercilessly. Understood?" The squad nods their heads. "Good, the Emperor protects." Helstrom then nods the go ahead to Carnus

Immediately the enemy fire abruptly stops as Brother Carnus opens up with hundreds of bolter rounds. Using the covering fire, Helstrom and the squad charge up the charred earth to the enemy citadel. Without hesitation, Krux and Varas apply their melta bombs to the side of the citadel and run out of the blast radius. Soon after they dive away, the wall erupts in a shower of debris and rubble. On cue, Kantor and Dante rush to the sides of the opening and ignite their flamers; the screams of burning Dark Iron heretics are music to Helstrom's ears. "Now brothers! For the Emperor!". Unsheathing his power sword, Helstrom charges through the breach and vaporizes a nearby Dark Iron's head from a blast of his plasma pistol. With the squad at his side, Helstrom cleaves another Dark Iron from crown to groin and shoots a gaping hole in the chest of another. In his peripheral vision, Helstrom sees Marius bash a Dark Iron with the butt of his chainsword and the dispatch him quickly with a bolt round from his pistol. Turning, Helstrom sidesteps a Dark Iron chainsword and buries his power between the area where the helmet and armor meet in time to see Brother Dante cover a squad of Dark Iron trying to flank the squad in liquid fire.

All around him, confusion rains as the enemy tries to regroup and counter attack. Not letting that happen, Helstrom and his squad keep forcing the enemy back, shooting any in front of them and shooting those any out of melee reach. Helstrom spins around after a Dark Iron bolt hits his right pauldron. Seething with righteous anger, Helstrom quickly plants 3 bolts in the enemies skull and moves on. Helstrom sees an enemy on the wall, turning to shoot brother Fulton, fall screaming to the ground from bolter fire from Carnus. Helstrom voxes to his squad. "Brothers Kantor, Dante, Romero and Gillin, stay here and cleanse these corrupted from the walls. The rest of you with me, we will take this citadel now." Voxing their assent, Brother Kantor and Romero make for the left wall while Dante and Gillin make for the right, slaughtering every Dark Iron in their path.

Kicking the door into the command room open, Helstrom sees the Dark Iron Warsmith and his honour guard abruptly turn and charge at Helstrom and his men. "Death to the Dark Iron!" Helstrom screams as he plants a plasma round into the chest of one of the heretics and kicks another down to plant his sword in his helmet. Removing his sword, Helstrom turns around just as the Warsmith barrels into him, sending him to the ground. Returning to his senses, Helstrom barely moves in time to dodge the Warsmith's hammer blow. Quickly jumping up to his feet, Helstrom notices his plama pistol has been knocked away at rests behind the heretic Warsmith. Bellowing a warcry, Helstrom charged at the Warsmith, heedless of how the rest of the squad fared. As the distance closed, Helstrom could see the corrupt Dark Iron presented a massive target, at least twice his own size. With a feint attack, Helstrom tried to maneouver around the Warsmith to try and quickly decapitate him. The Warsmith blocked the faint and instead grabbed Helstrom by the neck and raised him in the air. Choking, Helstrom kept from slipping into unconsciousness by sheer force of will. Gripping his sword, Helstrom brought the pommel of his power sword against the Warsmith's head, dazing him and releasing his grip on Helstrom. Using the momentary pause, Helstrom hurled himself behind his enemy and grabbed his plasma pistol just as his enemy turned around. With a snarl, Helstrom unleashed several blasts from his pistol and vaporized the Warsmith's sword arm and then his head.

Groggily getting to his feet, Helstrom watched as Marius finished off the last of the honour guard by driving his chainsword in the heretic's neck. "Brother Sergeant, Dante has voxed that they have cleared out the enemy on the walls and have just finished off the remaining enemy inside." Brother Marius said as he pushed the deceased Dark Iron off his chainsword. "Very good brother." Helstrom said as the simulation ended.

Standing as a squad again, Helstrom nodded his approval to his squadmates. "Brothers, this is a good start. However, the Immortal Emperor expects nothing but perfection from his Astartes. We will run this again until we get it absolutely perfect." Helstrom regarded his squad, looking for any sign of tiredness or wanting to quit, but saw only steely conviction in each of their eyes. "We are with you brother sergeant" Marius said as the simulation started again
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Entering stratigic room 3 Bravo, Ferun noticed several other sergeants. He waited with the rest of them until the last of the sergeants arrived, the last sergeant to arrive was a shirtless man by the name of Fortis. Ferun thought to himself "this is just not acceptable, this is an embarrassment to all of the sergeants. “Sit down I will deal with you later” Laertes said angrily to Fortis.

After all of them arrived Laertes started speaking, “At 0700 Hours Standard. My probes picked up…” then a massage started to play. The more of the massage he has seen the angrier he was getting, "such arrogance, such boldness" he thougth to himself, "but on the other side so much action", he grinned and continued watching.

As the holo ended the room lit up and Laertes continued, "The Chapter Master is angry that we didn’t completely exterminate the forces when we captured Camelai, so he has put me in charge of the destruction of these ships…” he said slowly calculating what he would say next. “However we will not make it to Pantheon V in time to stop them from landing on the planet. This means that we will be landing on a enemy controlled planet so we must take our time when it is time to deploy our men.” "WHAT" Ferun thought, "we cant leave so many innocent to die from the hands of chaos!", "thats not good, there must be something to do, but if there was Laertes would have told us already, I hope".

“Also we will be taking Camelai himself with us to further interrogate him.”, that was to much, Ferun stood up and was about to interfere the commander's speech but he calmed down and sat back. “We will meet again in one and a half Standard Terran Months to discuss our strategy. Until then I want your men suited up performing the Defend Fortress and Siege Making scenarios in the simulation rooms, and I want your men to be mobilized before we break warp travel. That is all you are dismissed” Laertes said, once he dismissed all of the sergeants Ferun sent an order to his squad to go to the simulation room and start working and that he will join them soon.Then standing up he went towards Laertes, he didnt even wait for his commander to ask him if he needs something, he barraged the commander with questions, "How can you take Camelai with us? His influence is to strong, he can draw chaos to us! And what if he runs away? Then what did we all work for? It isnt smart to bring the enemies commander as a prisoner to the battlefield! After finishing he calmed down a bit and waited for an answer.

After he talked with Laertes he sprinted towards the "battleground", his squad was ambushing 4 enemy squads as they were heading towards the gate of the castle. Ferun waited for the second squad to pass and in the moment the 3th squad first member entered the fire range he yelled "Attack!! In the name of the emperor, purge the heretics with fire!!!" then the 2 flamers stood up each from every direction trapping the chaos squads in a fiery doom, but soon the chaos regained thier mobility and courge and attacked. "Change weapons! Close combat imminent!", all of his squad in a prefect form changed thier weapons and counter charged the chaos. Ferun sent the first enemy flying into the air hitting him with a power claw in the chest reaping through his armor and then kicking him into the air. The squad members did a good job also some using thier chainswords while others brute force to overwhelm the enemy, in the end of the fight his squad stood victorious and only with 2 wounded members. Ferun helped them up, "dont worry youll do better next time and even better on the battlefield".
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Lucifer listened intently to the Captains speech, thoughts running through his head of how this could have happened, he made sure that every Dark Iron he killed was dead three times over and ordered his squad to do the same.

Lucifer decided it was time to begin preparations for the upcoming battles.
As he marched out of the room he spoke into his Vox.
'Boys, head to the simulation rooms, I'll meet you there,' he ordered as he broke into a sprint towards the rooms.

When he arrived he saw his squad in a neat formation of three by three.
'You know why your here, we are going to be fighting on a enemy controlled planet, so we are training to breach defences and get inside the fort,' Lucifer said as he typed in a command protocol into the simulation generator.
He then hit the "Start" button and the room turned into a dead Marsh with fires and Chaos symbols scattered around them, his squad looked around themselves with watchful eyes, they hadn't expected him to drop them in a summoning area and let them handle it.
He turned to his men and whispered over the vox what they were to do.
'We are to break the defences at their weakest point, we are to march under the cover of darkness but with the disadvatage of mud and the possibility of a large enemy force,' He said.
'You mean you didn't put in the exact numbers of the enemy in the generator,' came a whispered question, obviously with shock.
'The only thing I put in as certain was the basic senario and the enemies name.'
Lucifer quickly crouch-ran through the bush, discouraging any further conversation.
His squad formed up behind him, in a wedge formation, his two Meltagunners right behind him and the Lascannoner at the rear. They ran through the bush with suprising stealth and speed, but all that was lost as soon as Lucifer ran out of the bush and into the arms of a patrolling cultist, but before he could raise the alarm a stream of molten liquid burnt straight through his body and killed him instantly.
Lucifer nodded his thanks and the squad kept running across the deserted plain around the fortress.
Lucifer gave the squad ten seconds before they were spotted.
'Lascannon, aim at the corner of the wall, it should be weak there,' he ordered quickly and silently.
The lascannon was just about to fire when Lucifer saw the beams of a floodlight about to wash over them, so Lucifer calmly stooped over and picked up a discarded knife, he then threw it with all his strength and it hit the wall on which the marines were standing, they looked down and Lucifer brought his bolgun to bear on the now exposed neck joints, blowing the head off both Marines, he gave himself another three seconds before the Marines were found dead and they were found.

The lascannoner put the corner of the wall in his sights.
Lucifer heard shouts of alarm, saw floodlights activated, heard the rustling of feet and the clatter of weapons being loaded.
The Lascannoner pulled the trigger and a bright red lance of power beamed from the barrel and shook the wall and its foundations, then bricks started to crumble and in the timespan of two seconds the corner of the wall lay in crumbling ruin.
Instantly all floodlights were trained on Lucifer and his squad.
'Charge!!' Lucifer screamed as he ran forward, firing his Bolter at the floodlights, taking out three of the four in his first volley, he re-loaded on his feet and kept charging towards the breach, he pulled the trigger again and the muzzle flash was suprisingly bright, he could see an extra couple of metres with the muzzle flash and all he saw was ranks of grey warriors, and hordes of cultists, Lucifer's Bolter went dry so he magged it to his thigh and drew "Hells Teeth". And with a roar that rivalled that of an Ork horde, Lucifer lead his troops in a glorious charge.

Lucifer jumped and brought "Hells Teeth" down upon the first Dark Iron and split the traitor in two, he then spun and brought his blade along, cleaving another Dark Iron's Torso from Legs and decaptiating another, the Champion of the squad jumped forward and swung his Power Axe at Lucifers head, Lucifer just grabbed the bar of the weapon and held it just away from himself, the axe edged its way closer to Lucifers neck and Lucifers response to this was to kick the champion in the leg, making him kneel and lose grip on his axe, Lucifer spun the axe around and decaptiated the Dark Iron with his own weapon. He then threw away the axe, which imbedded itself in the shoulder of a Dark Iron, who was then set upon by a Loyal Marine.
Lucifer duck another weapon and brought his Sword up to block another. He then brought his Sword around in a deadly arc that severed the arms off all his opponents, he then brought his Sword back around and severed the heads of all opponents as well.
Lucifer then kicked, hacked and sliced a path through to the citadel, most of the Dark Iron had been killed and the Cultists, seeing their masters being destroyed so easily, had started to rout, the Marines had been luck, becasue when they made the breach, it had made a bottleneck so the Dark Iron couldn't bring their weight of numbers to bear and had thrown away their men piece meal.
Lucifer kicked open the citadel door to be met by a force of three Dark Iron and their leader, Lucifer wasn't one for glorious duels and the pair of Meltagunners vapourised the Warsmith with a pull of the trigger, Lucifer then jumped forward and dispatched one of the Dark Iron while the rest of his squad poured fire onto the other two.

They had taken the citadel.
Lucifer looked up the end stats and found that it had been a kill ratio of 100 to 2.
That was good, but Lucifer wanted better.
He then restarted the random simulation and they went again.
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Although he tried, Leitz could not keep a smirk from appearing as the audio-log of Techmarine Xander played out in the meeting chamber. He knew this would happen, as given he was one of the ambush specialist in the company, he was expecting some sort of fall-back plan by the enemy to begin with. In fact, he had once discovered traces of a disappeared heretic force when the company apprehended the traitor Warsmith, but was dismissed when the auspex scan opposed his founding.

Shaking his head as the message came to an end, Leitz drawn the sign of the aquila above his chest and acknowledged the captain's orders. Leaving the room in silence, he activated his vox transmitter and contacted his squad. "Calistarius, report." He looked down the hallway, marking out the retreating forms of the other sergeants. A colourful bunch though they may be, Leitz knew he could trust his brothers. The voice of his Meltagunner cracked into the vox channel.

"The scenario had just ended. No orks had managed to penetrate the defence line although we lost brother Narrak during a suicide charge of the xenos. The average ammunition spent was three bolt rounds to an ork." Calistarius answered calmly as Leitz rounded the corner and entered the simulation chamber his squad was in. He nodded to the Meltagunner as he entered and made for the control panel.

"Not too bad, but I expected better. Raphael, I had told you to correct your over-reliance on close combat." The gruff voice of the sergeant boomed at his squad, and Raphael Narrak, the mentioned marine managed to looked slightly embarrassed. Leitz shook his head with a sigh. "We'll be running the Siege Making and Defend Fortress scenarios for the rest of the training regime, in preparation for our upcoming operation." He then told his squad the recent discovery of an approaching Chaos fleet, and began the training after witnessing the renewed determination of his subordinates.
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Leon stopped his brisk running pace as he neared the designated point that their honourable captain had set them. He quickly took his seat and awaited the captain to begin his meeting. He watched as the other sergeants quickly filed in and took their designated places before the captain began. “At 0700 Hours Standard. My probes picked up…”, The voice of techmarine Xander began, monotomous but clear. All the while during the briefing Leon sat deep in thought. He was one of the more level headed sergeants and would ask any questions to the captain in private.

"The Chapter Master is angry that we didn’t completely exterminate the forces when we captured Camelai, so he has put me in charge of the destruction of these ships. However we will not make it to Pantheon V in time to stop them from landing on the planet. This means that we will be landing on a enemy controlled planet so we must take our time when it is time to deploy our men.” Leartes continued onwards.

Leon awaited the rest of the sergeants to leave the briefing room, including an incensed Ferun before marching up to Leartes. He saluted him and said "My lord, I have a few questions, why don't we start straight away for our target and train on route then waiting, and why are we taking the enemy leader back to his fold. It just seems a little unwise." Finished he awaited his captains answer before saluting once more and heading to the training areas.

He marched into the training arenas and immediately called his brethren over. "My Brothers, we will be going to war soon, so we shall be practising both defending and breaking sieges. First we defend, then we attack." Leon initiated the simulation, a huge fortress in the mountains, with his squad defending the west walls from the Dark Iron invaders. He stood, firing his bolter one handed, brandishing in his other hand his trusty power sword. He roared over the fires of battle encouraging his men onwards. After over an hour he ended the simulation, satisfied that they had kept to the long range engagements and that not a single one of his brethren had died. They each had an impressive tally and had not charged forth.
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(Sorry for the long wait guys)

Laertes sat in his onyx chair as Ferun stormed up to him.

“How can you take Camelai with us? His influence is to strong, he can draw chaos to us! And what if he runs away? Then what did we all work for? It isnt smart to bring the enemies commander as a prisoner to the battlefield!” Ferun said the words practically dripping with anger

“I know Ferun, but if Camelai is so important to his followers they might have doubt on striking us…and if not we will execute him on sight.” Laertes began in a calm tone ignoring the fact that Ferun was being so blunt and angry, afterall this is why Laertes had promoted Ferun, he wasn’t afraid to show his true emotions. “As for if he runs away we have always figured a solution out, we planted a homer on him that if he escapes we can follow him to his champion and armies then wipe them out. And never lecture me on losing what we worked for again.”

With that Ferun saluted and left the room, but only to be replaced by Leon.

“My lord, I have a few questions, why don't we start straight away for our target and train on route then waiting, and why are we taking the enemy leader back to his fold. It just seems a little unwise.” Leon stated awaiting answers.

“As we don’t have strong enough of a force to take them on we can’t risk a deep-space battle. However that doesn’t mean that I didn’t pursue that first. Xander told me the chance of catching them off guard or being able to catch them at all is .0043% and you know as well as I do that he is very exact in his calculations.” Laertes started. “And we are taking the leader for a real chance of being able to find and exterminate the opposing army before all the citizens are killed”

After answering all of Leon’s question, he received a curt salute then was alone in the room. “Open up simulated Fortress Alpha.” He said coldly as the holo-gram came up again with a map of the most powerful fortress of Pantheon V. “Put in hands of Dark Iron force of…100 Traitors and run simulation of 100 loyalist Siege Specters to 100 Dark Iron Iron Warriors and 300 renegade guard” Then Laertes watched as the simulation played out not happy with the results. But Laertes didn’t know how wrong he was of the Chaos numbers.

(I’m going to write a follow up on this in the chaos view to give you guys a hint of the enemy then we will start the missions…sorry I am a fan of setup for RPs :D)
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Sergeant Exodus left Bravo 3 and hurried back to the Simulation Rooms. He was instantly met by squads unleashing payloads of weapon onto the enemy. Exodus ordered the simulation to vanish and the Squad found themselves in a normal blank room again. Instantly, they stopped firing and bowed respectedly to meet their Sergeant.

"What happened at the meeting, Sergeant?" voxed Dixon.

"We are Defend Fortress and Siege Making scenarios in the simulation rooms," Exodus remarked. The Sergeant noticed a few Battle-Brothers without helmets on had smiled. "As we will be fighting against the archenemy soon. Iron Warriors."

Several Marines grunted, and the scene turned back to the training. They were defending a fort against the Iron Warriors now, unleashing wave upon wave of Bolter fire on the enemy.

"Brother Ravendor," ordered Sergeant Exodus. "Man the Heavy Bolter Turrets. Aim for the banners and their commanders. Weaken the Enemy's morale."

"Yes Sir."

"Brother Archador. What is the status of your flamer?"

"Seventy Percent," remarked Archador, unleashing a torrent of flames upon the enemy, as the traitors beneath the walls screamed. "In the Emperor's Name."
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Rufen almost stumbled into Captain Laertes strategium, but managed to compose himself at the last second. “My Lord,” he began,” please forgive me extreme tardiness. I was training my men in close combat wall defense, and the summons didn’t reach me till about 5 minutes ago. What is it that you wish to see me about sir?.............................
(Ok here we go)

Aboard The Redemption of Perturabo

Laertes looked up from the battle simulation playing out in the holo-gram as Rufen ran into the strategium. “My Lord, please forgive my extreme tardiness. I was training my men in close combat wall defense, and the summons didn’t reach me till about 5 minutes ago. What is it that you wish to see me about sir?”

Laertes gave the same briefing to Rufen as he did the other sergeants, and answered any questions he had. “You’re dismissed Sergeant Rufen” He said looking back to the holo-gram as the battle continued “If only it was this easy” he thought.

On Pantheon V

Ari Blackstar sat in the Governor’s office staring at a map of the planet “The Warsmith was correct this was easy” he thought with a grin, it had been a week since they landed and they had already taken control of the planet only Fortress Alpha remained in enemy hands. “It’s taking too long we should of taken the fortress by now.”

1 and ½ months later

Aboard The Redemption of Perturabo

Laertes entered the Strategium that he had spent the last 45 days testing different scenarios. “Brother-Sergeants it is time to strategize, and to redeem our Primarch against our dark kin.”

On Pantheon V

Ari Blackstar stood in the makeshift command centre 30 kilometres from Fortress Alpha. “Commander Warren you told me you would have this fortress taken over a month ago why is it we still are taking fire from it?!” Blackstar boomed even louder than the cannons firing upon them. “I am sorry my lord, we should have, but the fortress is well made we can’t find a weak point.” Warren quivered, he hated being in the same room as Champion Blackstar. Blackstar had the appearance of a blood-drunk wolf, and in his own way Blackstar was. Many warriors that Blackstar now led talk of rumours that Blackstar has dedicated himself to killing in Khorne’s name, and the rumours had soon turned to legends of Blackstar having millions of confirmed kills, and in a way the legends were correct Blackstar had been killing in Chaos’ name since the Heresy and killing for the corpse-emperor longer before that.

“I have told you it was built by my self-righteous brothers that still devote themselves to that corpse. This fortress would be difficult and YOU said that it wouldn’t matter!” He thundered getting even angrier. “Yes my lord but…” Warren started to say. “No it is time for me to do what should have been done a month ago.” Blackstar said coldly and he left the tent for a moment to return with another traitor guard he didn’t know by name but knew that he was second in command.

“What is your name soldier?!” He demanded of the soldier “Ri-ri-riggens sir” Riggins stammered out in deep fear. “Good then you will be taking Warren’s spot as commander.” Blackstar said, with Warren’s eyes widening. “Do not fail me.” “Ye-yes sir.” Riggens said with a sharp salute. “What about me?” Warren spoke out “Am I to be demoted?” he demanded angry no longer in fear of Blackstar’s size. Blackstar smiled coldly and looked at the previous commander. “No.” He said, and then he hailed Brev his Second in command. “Release the berserkers” he said then looked back at Warren. “No Warren you aren’t to be demoted, my Berserkers need fresh blood to get them going, and you are going to give it to him.” As he finished two Iron Warriors came into the tent and grabbed Warren. Warren didn’t even get to say anything as he was dragged to the berserkers camp.

A few minutes later there was screams coming from the camp and then after the screaming stopped the war cries began as 20 berserkers covered in the ex-commanders blood took to the fortress screaming “Blood for the blood god!” Blackstar smiled. He had moved up to watch the battle and watched as a plasma cannon blew a small hole in the wall. Two hours was all it took for what Warren couldn’t achieve in over a month. Two hours and Blackstar was sitting in the Command Room of the Fortress his men already repairing and re-deploying the defenses of the fortress.
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(OOC: so, uh, do we fight:grin:)
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