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And the battle comes to us...

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And the fight comes to us…

Pantheon VII. Home World of the Siege Specters Space Marine Chapter, secret loyal chapter of the Iron Warriors, and bringers of destruction to any defense against the Imperium. Since the Downfall the Siege Specters have hunted down their brothers of the Iron Warriors (Which they refer to as the Dark Iron), and systematically slaughtering the foot soldiers, and capturing the leaders. However recent events surrounding the capture of Warsmith Camelai has brought Camelai’s army of daemons, Dark Iron, and heretics to the Pantheon system, and a war that will test the Siege Specters morale, strength, and even their loyalty to the Emperor…

YOU will be part of a company of Siege Specters fighting on Pantheon V. At most I would like 10 players, They will be controlling the 10 sergeants of the company and their squads. I will control the NPCs, which include the Captain, Camelai and the enemy army. Each squad will follow the standard template for Tactical Squad (6 Bolter Buddies, 2 Plasma/Melta/Flamers, a Heavy weapon, and of course you), however you will throughout the war take on the equipment of Devastators and Assault squads for special missions given throughout the war.


Wargear: (Please be simple, power swords and plasma pistols are fine no relics or anything)
Past: (Don’t be the “Holy Shit!” Juggernaught please keep it simple yet a little heroic since you are the sergeant.)
Personality: (This will influence what kind of mission I would put you on. If you are a bulky marine that would want nothing more than breaking the door down and slaughtering all inside I’m not going to give you the “Sneak into the compound and assassinate the leader” mission.)
Squad Weapons: (as posted above you may choose two marines to have meltaguns, plasmaguns, or flamers along with one marine with a heavy weapon)

I will start the RP when there are at least 5 sergeants and if you REALLY want to be in it but either A. don’t want to be a sergeant. Or B. people have really liked my idea and the 10 spots are full. In either cases please pm me and I will pm a sergeant and see if you can be part of his squad in which you follow his commands. If this becomes popular enough I might bring in a second company or something.

Accepted Application: (Don’t post comments such as “Did you recruit me?” just check here and if your listed then you are accepted if not check back later)

Sergeant: Vipous Exodus
Squad Weapons:Flamer, Melta, ML

Sergeant:Leitz Arrion
Squad Weapons:Flamer, Melta, HB

Sergeant: Ferun Zelor
Squad Weapons: Flamer x2, HB

Sergeant: Leon Xanthius
Squad Weapons: Flamer, Plasma, ML

Sergeant: Fortis Gavrill
Squad Weapons: Plasma x2, PC

Sergeant: Lucifer Fortis
Squad Weapons: Melta x2, LC

Sergeant: Helstrom Cyph
Squad Weapons: Flamers x2, HB

Squad Weapons:

Squad Weapons:

Squad Weapons:
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Ok thank you for submitting, and I will start the action thread when I get back, but here are three of the major characters you guys are going to be interacting with

Name: Captain Marius Laertes
Age: 347
Faction: Siege Specters
Apperance: Standing at the average height for a Marine, Laertes depicts the standard Marine his only flaw is his bionic eye that he had implanted after the Hunt for Camelai. Laertes usually doesn't wear a helmet due to the fact his bionic eye is stronger then the visual specs of the helmet.
Wargear: He wields a power sword that was used by the captain that he replaced. He also wears his terminator armour and wields as storm bolter
History: During the Hunt for Camelai Laertes showed his prowess in strategy by tricking Camelai into hiding in a fortress that Laertes had already tunnelled under. However during the final assault Laertes took a sniper shot to the side of his fast, and even though the apothecary could salvage the skin, he couldn't save the eye. However the Techmarine of his company specially made a eye for him to return the favour of when Laertes saved his life.

Name: Warsmith Camelai
Age: Unknown
Faction: Dark Iron
Apperance: Camelai stands a metre taller then Laertes and is always wearing his armour due to that he has worn it since the Heresy and it has become part of him. One eye is bionic along with an arm and a leg, although no one knows how they were lost, but whispered rumours are that he took them out himself to become more machine.
Wargear: He wields a daemonic hammer, and a storm bolter. He wears normal Marine Power Armour, but due to many assassination attempts made by the scouts of Siege Company it is believed that it has either a daemon in it, or a force field, but even now in custody the Siege Specters have still not discovered the source.
History: Not much is known about Camelai except for his actions during the Hunt, and he showed his fortress making prowess on the daemon planet of Grenden in which he and his Champion were able to hold off the Siege Specters for many weeks by themeselves using a complex weapon system it was only when Laertes used his secret tunnel to the fortress that the Siege Specters were able to capture Camelai, yet his champion was able to escape. Through many torturous interrigation sessions the only thing Camelai has let slip is that he planned for his capture, and he had a suprise instore for Laertes.

Name: Champion Ari Blackstar
Age: Unknown
Faction: Dark Iron
Apperance: Ari has been Camelai's Champion since the Siege Specters became aware of Camelai. Ari stands at the same height as Camelai yet much more stockier. Being a Space Wolf even though he is a renegade he sports long fangs that have grown to hang out of his mouth and become as much of a weapon has the axe he wields.
Wargear: He wields an power axe named "Loki" due to its mischevious appearnce of being able to bend around parries and blocks. His armour his grey like any other space wolf but all insignias dedicated to his previous legion are burnt off.
History: During the Heresy Ari left his legion to join Camelai, and rose through the ranks by assassination and/or one on one sparring "accidents". Due to his constant exposure to the warp, and his insane blood craze many have believed that he is touched by the wulfen.
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everything is good for you night lord but you need to post your personality please

also due to my fascination of Space Pups I will be introducing a SW kill team late into the RP...they will be led by Bjorn Blackhide he is as follows

Name: Bjorn Blackhide
Faction: Loyal Space Wolves
Age: 238
Role: Rune Priest
Appearance: Standard Space Wolf except for a psychic hood and a power staff.
History: Only recordings are locked into the Fang
Personality: Very angry, yet calm at the same time, Bjorn refrains from yelling in angry, and instead he sends psychic messages to those he wants to...express his feeling towards.


Here is the Action Thread
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your good dude welcome to the RP :D
wow fiend you got your registration up the day before I closed the thread xD you can join the thread

A little to late on that dude xD they already killed the Tzeentch Sorcerer that was suppose to tell them something although I secifically pointed out some of it might be true but I can tell them right now that some if not all are wrong, so they killed him relatively fast...he did make a marine explode...but thats ok it was just a Bolter Buddy
I know they actually killed him fast only took two posts but hey he killed a bolter buddy and practically fused Emperorshand to a tree so I think he did quite well.

Now the Khorne Champion...well he didn't make it that far
OK SO...oops sorry caps

ok so I gave you a short little mission that you may be occupied with until the assault on the fortress.

Also I editted my last post so I didn't post nor have a OOC post withough IC along with it except for the post explaining to those who didn't understand what the sorcerer meant sorry for the OOC Doelago
Right now we will be waiting for Galebread (Again xD) and I told Lord Ramo that he can start his mission
Hey Snowy I need more detail on what you see before I set up something for you to fight
something is going to happen to you before you get back so post that you guys are around half way there
You know what? that is a very good question as even I'm lost to what happened with Lucifer and yourself...From what I can read in the post you are in the middle of a forest with something coming towards you however except for a "low rumble" I have no idea please help him out by posting a dimension as you possibly COULD have summoned a bloodthirster I just don't know. For you being equipped with assault squad equipment you are correct I don't know why he posted that you order your squad to rack their imaginary bolters

oh also sorry for not posting as when I came on the Roleplay section there appeared to be no updates: as in it wasn't bolded

ffs just found out we are going on a family camping trip for a week to "explore the new state"
...um wtf?

whos post are you guys referring to
Sadly Komanko can no longer participate in the RP and his character has now been killed off
...best to explain what your squad does since a sergeant and his squad were just ripped to shreds xD
But could I get an update conserning the BLOOD thingie, cause I have no clue about what to post...
well it depends how much blood are you willing to fight?
You are the game master, so you chose how much BLOOD we will be fighting, or what ever it is...
then let there be a BLOODy update!:victory:
Right, so unless the lot of you would like a thrashing of some sort I'd suggest giving that a rest. Or test things and see just how much blood there will be.:hang1:
ok no more b-word xD
I'm now calm so [/rage]
You will be seeing one later today
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