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And the battle comes to us...

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And the fight comes to us…

Pantheon VII. Home World of the Siege Specters Space Marine Chapter, secret loyal chapter of the Iron Warriors, and bringers of destruction to any defense against the Imperium. Since the Downfall the Siege Specters have hunted down their brothers of the Iron Warriors (Which they refer to as the Dark Iron), and systematically slaughtering the foot soldiers, and capturing the leaders. However recent events surrounding the capture of Warsmith Camelai has brought Camelai’s army of daemons, Dark Iron, and heretics to the Pantheon system, and a war that will test the Siege Specters morale, strength, and even their loyalty to the Emperor…

YOU will be part of a company of Siege Specters fighting on Pantheon V. At most I would like 10 players, They will be controlling the 10 sergeants of the company and their squads. I will control the NPCs, which include the Captain, Camelai and the enemy army. Each squad will follow the standard template for Tactical Squad (6 Bolter Buddies, 2 Plasma/Melta/Flamers, a Heavy weapon, and of course you), however you will throughout the war take on the equipment of Devastators and Assault squads for special missions given throughout the war.


Wargear: (Please be simple, power swords and plasma pistols are fine no relics or anything)
Past: (Don’t be the “Holy Shit!” Juggernaught please keep it simple yet a little heroic since you are the sergeant.)
Personality: (This will influence what kind of mission I would put you on. If you are a bulky marine that would want nothing more than breaking the door down and slaughtering all inside I’m not going to give you the “Sneak into the compound and assassinate the leader” mission.)
Squad Weapons: (as posted above you may choose two marines to have meltaguns, plasmaguns, or flamers along with one marine with a heavy weapon)

I will start the RP when there are at least 5 sergeants and if you REALLY want to be in it but either A. don’t want to be a sergeant. Or B. people have really liked my idea and the 10 spots are full. In either cases please pm me and I will pm a sergeant and see if you can be part of his squad in which you follow his commands. If this becomes popular enough I might bring in a second company or something.

Accepted Application: (Don’t post comments such as “Did you recruit me?” just check here and if your listed then you are accepted if not check back later)

Sergeant: Vipous Exodus
Squad Weapons:Flamer, Melta, ML

Sergeant:Leitz Arrion
Squad Weapons:Flamer, Melta, HB

Sergeant: Ferun Zelor
Squad Weapons: Flamer x2, HB

Sergeant: Leon Xanthius
Squad Weapons: Flamer, Plasma, ML

Sergeant: Fortis Gavrill
Squad Weapons: Plasma x2, PC

Sergeant: Lucifer Fortis
Squad Weapons: Melta x2, LC

Sergeant: Helstrom Cyph
Squad Weapons: Flamers x2, HB

Squad Weapons:

Squad Weapons:

Squad Weapons:
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Name: Lucifer Fortis

Age: 196

Appearance: Lucifer is a very tall marine that stands nearly a head above other marines, but he isn't as heavily built as a marine of his size should be. He has deep blue eyes and long bloande hair, as well as a giant scar running across his neck where his neck got cut open by a traitor who he never names. He is unlike alot of the other sergeants he known and always wears his helmet.

Wargear: Two-Handed Power Weapon and Bolter.

Past: Lucifer doesn't tell many people of his history, due to his silent nature, but they do know he lived in the slums and killed his first man at the age of nine, the man was found dead with a piece of glass through his eye, when he was finally found Lucifer was handed over to the Astartes to begin training for a Marine. It is known also that when the former sergeant of the squad was on his deathbed he gave control of the squad over to Lucifer, who has lead it ever since.

Personality: Lucifer is a quiet and brooding marine, he is known for his unatural ability to appear from anywhere, but if it comes to it Lucifer can be seen bellowing orders that resonate over everything else due to his deep bass like voice. He is difficult to talk to out of battle and talks straight and sharp, and has interupted speeches of grand magnitude with a bellow of "Get to the point" but is loved by every member of his squad by his open personality towards them, they are the only people Lucifer will talk to casually and will give a warm welcome to the men in his squad.

Squad weapons: Meltagun x2, Lascannon.
Meltagun: Davius Lorenzo
Meltagun: Galious Durez
Lascannon: Lucius Wervou
Bolter: Xorate Delenz
Bolter: Paxtor Yourte
Bolter: Vouslin Arden
Bolter: Falious Courate
Bolter: Nezorlou Sonlow
Bolter: Davius Gengora
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I meant to leave it open for the GM to decide what kind of daemons were summoned, letters, horrors, daemonettes, plaugies, thirster etc. I think you get my point.
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