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An ostermark empire ar,y log

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With the new edition of fantasy in the offing, I've decided to revive my old empire army. This is made up of stuff I got for free, and the contents of the seventh ed fantasy starter set. I never really managed to gety into fantasy, and whilst I am tempted by doing some form of undead, I thought I'd revive these models, so I can try it out and get the hang of the rules without spending loads of money.

Heres the pics


Hand gunners:



A lot of the models need a bit of repair work, and all will be being stripped. I intend to get a few extra models (a couple of wizards, and character models and some more standard bearers), but this is more to get my head around the rules, and enjoy some painting than serious competition gaming.

Total of 60 spearmen (eagle eyed amongest you may have notice anur the sword of twighlight as on of my unit champions), 15 knights, 52 handgunners, a great cannon and a helblaster volley gun.

Untill next time

Edit: title should read "An ostermark empire army log". If a mod could correct it, I'd be greatful.
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nice to see some more fantasy project logs. will be keeping an eye out for some painted stuff! :grin:
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