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An Introduction to the Armies of The Lord of the Rings!

This thread is meant to give a decent introduction and explanation for each of the armies in The Lord of the Ring (both SBG and WOTR). Hopefully it can help newcomers to the LOTR systems decide which army they would like to collect.​


  • Angmar​
  • Arnor​
  • The Dwarf Holds​
  • The Elven Kingdoms​
  • The Fallen Realms​
  • The Forgotten Kingdoms​
  • The Fortress of Isengard​
  • Gondor​
  • The Kingdom of Rohan​
  • The Misty Mountain​
  • Mordor​

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The Dwarven Holds

Special thanks to Lord Rahl for this article.​

Fluff of The Dwarf Holds

Dwarves can be found in many places throughout Middle-earth. From Ered Luin in the west, to the Iron Hills in the east, Dwarves are to be found wherever there is wealth to be gained, for they love gold above all else, and are craftsmen to rival the skill of the Elves. The greatest Dwarf city was that of Dwarrowdelf, or Moria as the Elves named it, but that has long since fallen into ruin, drowned in shadow and flame. These days, the chief Dwarf hold in Middle-earth is that of the Iron Hills, a great range of craggy peaks to the east of Mirkwood and north of Mordor. Throughout all of the trouble and strife that has befallen Durin's folk, the Iron Hills have remained safe from attack. It can be assumed that this is due chiefly to the skill of the Dwarves in crafting halls that are both wondrous and cannily defensible, though Dwarven secrecy has ensured that little knowledge regarding the Iron Hills has ever entered the histories of Elven or Mannish realms.

Though other Dwarf holds exist far and wide in Middle-earth, most famous is the realm if Erebor that nestles beneath the Lonely Mountain, a singular geographical oddity that rises high above the plains about it. Erebor was possibly the wealthiest of all Dwarf holds save Moria itself, but it too suffered a terrible blow when it was attacked by a great dragon, Smaug, who took its great hoard for himself. In the wake of this tragedy, Erebor was lost to the Dwarces. As the Third Age closes, Erebor is once more a wealthy place and enjoys friendship with its Mannish and Elven neighbours, remaining one of the greatest of all bastions of the Free Peoples and a present and redoubtable ally against the forces of Sauron.

Like the Elves the Dwarves are an elder race whose days are fading as Men come into prominence. In most other ways however, the Dwarves are quite dissimilar from Elves. Where Elves are tall and gracefully spoken, Dwarves are short and gruff. Where Elves prefer to dwell in the forests of Middle-earth, the Dwarves carve their halls deep within the roots of the mountains and have holds in Erebor, the Iron Hills and the Ered Luin. The Dwarves are craftsmen beyond peer, to which their underground halls stand in testimony. Iron and gold are their playthings, and they fashion from them weapons, armour, and jewellery that are admired by all, including the Elves.

Perhaps due their long span of years, Dwarves can hold grudges for many lives of men and it is perhaps one such grudge, carried forward from a time long forgotten, that has led to the enstrangement of the Dwarven and Elven races. Many consider the Dwarves to be selfish creatures, more concerned with wealth than the sufferings of the world, but the truth of the matter is that the Dwarves are too often unaware of happenings outside their own realms. Even so, the Dwarves have always been staunch allies to those they consider their friends, and the forces of Evil are rightly fearful of Dwarvish fury.


Here are some example Models from The Dwarf Holds range.

Gimli, Son of Gloin:

Durin and Mardin:


Dwarf Warriors:

Dwarf Rangers:

Vault Warden Team:

Dwarf Ballista:

Heroes of the Dwarves

Durin, King of Khazad-Dum: The ruler of Khazad-dum at the height of it's glory is a very resiliant hero, with his mithril coat and mighty axe, Durin is a pure combat beast. Able to hold off hordes and trolls alike when using his axe, he still has that staying power all dwarves should have, thanks to the mithril armour he is the most armoured dwarf in the list. He causes fear in the hearts of all but the most fearless of evil warriors and can even survive a blow that would normally kill a lesser dwarf three times over. He is a must in any dwarf force, just watch out for his low store of will, when he gets wounded he will die.

Mardin: The keeper and life long ward of Durin is so tough he beat any monstrous troll in combat, armed with the trust spear Torozul he will ensure your force can overcome and kill any tough armour trolls the enemy may have lurking near your lines. With a respectable amount of might he is even more potent than before, he does however have next to nothing on fate points so be sure not to let him become surrounded.

Dain Ironfoot: The bearer of the great axe Barazantathuland the oldest dwarf to date, this elite hero can kill with ease there is nothing that can stand before him and survive. With his healthy amount of might, will and fate points he is nigh unstoppable in combat. His armour is so tough that only the strongest of hits can penetrate it. He can rally your stout hearted dwarves no matter how far away he is due to his King under the Mountains rule, but you will need to be careful as he cannot climb up walls or jump over hedges very well and he can be outclassed in combat, if his opponent is skillful enough.

Murin & Drar: These two are inseparable friends and have always traveled together far and wide, with a high defense value and a good store of might they can survive until the bitter end. Drar is a expert shot and will allow you more firepower in your army, where as Murin will grant you additional abilities against orcs, goblins and Uruks. Both are very versatile and are a great addition to any dwarf army.

Gimli Son of Gloin: What is there not to say about Gimli, a companion in the fellowship and a stout hearted friend of the Elf Legolas. He has a great store of might, will and fate and a impenetrable defense. He can choose to use two axes or a two-handed axe in combat, which makes him so versatile he can meet you every needs in every situation.

Balin: Cousin to Gimli and last ruler of Moria, this dwarf hero has a good high defense and Durins axe which will grant a combat bonus. With his high fight value and good might, will points he is a dangerous foe for the evil armies of Sauron. However his fate points do let him down and can be brought down if outnumbered.

Dwarf Kings: These are the rulers of the far distant holds of the dwarves, they not only have a high defense value but also have options for a variety of equipment. A two-handed axe can add a huge benefit to the combat whilst taking throwing axes will ensure you can kill on the charge. They also have a nice average store of might and will, but next to nothing with fate, so will die if left on their own and surrounded.

Dwarven Captains: Whilst not as strong or well armoured as the Kings, these guys can be given options to help bolster their combat prowess. With a shield their defense becomes as good as a kings and they can also take throwing axes and a two-handed axe to help in combat when the killing begins. A reasonable store of might but not enough will and fate to see you through the battle safely.

Warriors of the Dwarven Holds

Dwarven warrior: Expensive in points but worth every penny, with the highest defense in game as far as warriors go, these guys can be armed with bows to add additional shooting power to the army or be given shields to ensure they stay in the fight for longer. Armed with banners and two-handed axes will grant extra combat prowess as well. Either way these are the main back bone of the dwarven force.

Dwarf Rangers: Slightly cheaper than your average dwarf these guys pack more punch when it comes to bow fire. Equipping these these guys with bows however greatly boosts their point cost, also with the options to take a two-handed axe and trowing axes into battle, coupled with their ability to travel through terrain unhindered means they are a force to be reckoned with. However their low defense value means they can be targeted and killed easily if not took care of.

Iron Guard: A stout defense value and a good number of attacks means these guys will almost always beat an enemy in combat and still survive to the end. Armed with throwing axes they can kill on the charge and still be able to beat the opponent if they do not kill him. At a high point cost don't expect to have many of these in your army.

Khazad Guard: Some what cheaper than the Iron Guard and not as deadly on the charge, these dwarven elites will stay with you right through to the end of the game thanks to their high defense and good fight value. They are also fearless due their bodyguard rule and can take out even a troll with the option to change the way they use their weapons in combat.

Vault Warden team: The creme-de-la-creme of the dwarven elites are the Vault Warden Team, when in tight confined spaces these dwarves excel at hold their position, whilst maintaining all the combat abilities of a dwarf. Extremely high defense value and able to use a long spear with great efficiency, these are a popular choice for any dwarf Lord. They do have draw backs that can only be summed up in that their flanks and rear are exposed to danger. They are also highly pricey in points, so you will not be able to field many in your army.

Dwarf Ballista: The Dwarven ballista is the most useful piece of kit available to the army, not only is well armoured but it has dwarf crewmen to ensure that it is well protected from the enemy trying to charge it. With it's deadly accuracy is can take down a cave troll with ease and still be able to fire continiously throughout the battle knocking the enemy to the ground in a blink of the eye. With a reasonable points cost you could fit in two or three of these awesome machines into your army and still have points spare. They also come with a variety of options to help out with the firing capabilities and ensure it causes fear through the enemy ranks.


Dwarves are tough, very tough, but that wont save you if you get bogged down by the enemy and isolated. The key to playing dwarves is very simple, stick together and create a ring of concrete led by your heroes. They are quite good at shooting as well so make sure you take as many bows as you can, you will need to thin the enemy lines down if outnumbered. Also make us of the Ballista, if the enemy has trolls they will fear it and try to avoid it, giving you the advantage in movement, something that dwarves do not do well. Because dwarves lack in the cavalry department, you will need to ensure you use cover to counter this. To sum it up if you like a force to hit hard and have a very high survivability rate then dwarves are for you. If you like to get up close and personal then the Dwarves are for you. What ever your play style the Dwarves are a challenging force to play and to face against. One of the Dwarves strongest abilities is to be able to ally with almost any race who fight for good.

I hope that this has been helpful in introducing you to The Dwarf Holds. Any question about The Dwarf Holds or anything to do with this, either PM me or post a thread in the Lord of the Rings Forum​

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The Fallen Realms​
Special thanks to Lord Rahl for this Article​

Fluff of the Fallen Realms

Harad, Far harad Fluff

Harad lies far to the south, past the borders of Mordor and Gondor, and covers a greater swathe of land than any other of Middle-earth's kingdoms. In the north, Harad is often thought to be a barren and desolate place, and much of it is, yet some of it has beauty enough to challenge the most verdant realms of the world. This in itself should come as no surprise, for a realm on the scale of Harad will always encompass many different landscapes. As such, Harad's folk have grown accustomed to dwelling within the many varied environs of their land, from the great sandy reaches of the Nafarat to the dense forests about the ancient city of Karna.

The people of Harad have grown accustomed to war, for they have long quarrelled amongst themselves, rival chieftains vying for power and privilege wherever they could. Such squabbles serve to strengthen Harad's warriors, which is doubtless what led them to conflict with their neighbouring realms. Chief amongst their foes has been the more northerly realm of Gondor, a land whose fate has been irrevocably entwined with that of their own. Whether the Haradrim should be considered to be agressors in their own right, or more likened to catspaws of the greater kingdoms of the area, is much debated, yet it cannot be argued that they have been much given to warring with their northern neighbour. Such battles have been ferociously fought on both sides and often end in stalemate - the skill and armour of Gondor matched by sheer volume of warriors the Haradrim can bring to bear.

The Corsair Fleets Fluff

Along the coasts of Belfalas there are none as feared as the Corsairs of Umbar. Possessed of nautical expertise beyond compare, these raiders prey upon all of the coastlands of southern Middle-earth, taking whatever they can. Descended in equal part from the Black Numenoreans and the indigenous peoples of Harad, the Corsairs hold allegiance only to the Lords of Umbar. Even there, this fealty is mere lip service, for the captains of the Corsair fleets are so rarely to be found within Umbar itself that they remain largely autonomous.

In ages past, the Corsair fleets were composed of great Numenorean frigates, sleek in motion but also strong and unyielding. As time has slipped away, many of the skills to fashion such vessels have been lost, and now many Corsairs put to sea in ships more akin to the traditional Haradrim coastal craft; angular vessels that are all severe silhouettes and pitch-blackened hulls.

The Eastern Realms Fluff

Beyond Mordor are a great many realms, largely undocumented by the histories kept in the western lands of Middle-earths. Of these kingdoms, some bow down before Sauron's will, contributing slaves, wealth and warriors to his goals, but, even so, there are bastions of the Free Peoples to be found within these lands.

Upon the boundaries of the Sea of Rhun, lies the mysterious kingdom of Dorwinion. Little is known of the realm save the fact that they are masters of the art of wine-making, capable of blending such heady and flavoursome vintages that even an Elf may lose his wits after a small bowl. Such art is highly sought after in the neighbouring realms - the Elves of Mirkwood are particularly partial to its taste - and Dorwinion has been made rich by trade. Despite this, the inhabitants of the realm remain a mystery, for even the boatmen who ferry their wares labour in ignorance of the nature of their paymasters. Some believe the folk of Dorwinion to be Elves, others consider them to be Men, while others still believe them to be something else entirely, yet none can be sure.

Even further southwards lie the Rhunish kingdoms, an alliance of warlike and indisputably evil Men whose loyalty has long since been pledged to Sauron - unsurprisingly, as the Dark Lord has invested much time and effort in bringing them under his sway. It is from these lands that now-vanished peoples came to bring ruin to Gondor and Rhovanion, and the ring of iron fortresses that encircle the lands past the mountains of Rhun haven proven to be a formidable barrier against Gondor's vengeance.

Lastmost, and most southerly, of the Eastern kingdoms is Khand, a rolling land of plains and hills. The Khandish folk are as wild and warlike as those of Rhun, yet their savagery is fuelled by a warrior-code that prizes victory in combat above all else - a trait that makes them highly prized as mercenaries in the neighbouring realms of Harad, Mordor and Rhun. Skilled horsemen, Khandish warriors are capable of deadly raids, striking without warning and dissapearing to the hills from whence they came before the hue and cry can be taken up.

The Models

Here are some example Models from The Fallen Realms range.

Suladan the Serpent Lord of Harad:

Mahud King of Far Harad:

Haradrim Warriors:

Corsairs of Umbar:

Easterling Warriors:

Khandish Horsemen:

War Mumak of Harad:

Heroes of the Fallen Realms

Harad, Far Harad Heroes

Suladan: He one of the most notorius evil men in the land of middle earth, his high stat profile with a plethora of might amd will points and the options to take a war horse and bow makes him one of the most versatile hero for your Haradrim army. Taking a bow in his wargear coupled with his ability to use poisoned arrows makes him a very dangerous marksmen. His true power however, comes from his ability to fight well and best almost any enemy hero and use his courage and Ascendant rule to keep your lowly warriors in the fight until the bitter end. He does have flaws however, as do all heroes and should always be backed up by a bodyguard or he will fall due his lack of defense and low fate points.

Hasharin: The Hasharin are an order of assassins whos job it is to keep order throughout the lands of Harad, On the field of battle these mighty powerful heroes are capable of taking the fight to any problem the free peoples can throw at them. Thay come with a low amount of might and will, but this is made up by some very high fate points. They can lurk in the shadows at relative saftey and not be worried about being shot by archers as they cannot be seen at a distance. In combat however, is where they truly excell and being able to use poison blades will ensure they get the kills they need.

Chieftans: These are the main stay of any Haradrim army and can add a great amount of diversaty to your force. They can be equiped with a bow to help with the fire powre af the overall force or they can be given a spear and horse or even wield a deadly lance to great effect in combat. Whatever their role they have a nice average might point store to be used on heroic actions or help wound the enemy. Although they are not that tough defense wise there many differant types to accompy your force form the south.

Corsair Fleets Heroes

Dalamyr: Dalamyr is the most feared amoungst they piratical Corsair fleets of Umbar and is nigh unstopable when supported with a horde of of screaming pirates. He has a low defense value and next to nothing on might and will points, but this is made up by having a nice amount of fate and they same abilitys as a Haradrim Hasharin, with the added bonus of being able to use his deadly smoke bombs in combat. These will allow Dalmyr to go toe-ot-toe with even the mighty Aragorn himself and still come out on top, However if he should miss, whilst using these invaluable weapons his supply will suddenly run out and he becomes less effective. He must be used wisly and always be backed up by his warriors.

Captains:The Captains are the mainstay of any Corsair fleet army and whilst having a respectible store of might to help them out, they also have a fairly good stat profile and are able to win fights and beat the enemy down alongside your main force. They add much needed muscle in a fight and are a must to help you weak corsairs stay and fight to the last man.

Bo'sun: The Bo'suns are the best way to get the most from your troops, whilst not as strong as your captains, they can bellow orders at your warriors and they will offer a combat bonus and also be able to lend a helping hand in the fight whilst doing so. They also have a choice of being armed with a crossbow to lend a helping hand with the fire power of your force.

The Eastern Realms Heroes

Kamul The Easterling: Kamul is only second most powerful compared to the Witch King and can bring to battle all the Wraith powers, a normal Ring Wraith can use. His greatest asset is being able to disrupt enemy troops courage just by his sheer presence on the battlefield. He can also take a war horse or a mighty Fell Beast as a mount and boost his combat capabilities for a small price to his will store. His high defense means he is a stayer in the game and will be hard to kill due to his respectable store of fate and might points. He also has the ability to reach out and drain the enemys will when they are dying and use it for his own purposes.

Captains: Easterling Captains are very versitile and come with a good profile which can best even the free peoples, They may carry a bow into battle to aid with shooting or they may take a very specilised weapon called a halberd, which grants bonuses in combat depending how it is used. Armed with a armoured awr horse and a shield they can lead your cavlery into battle and have a very strong impact on the game if used correctly. They also have a good supply of might points to use throughout the battle.

Khandish King: The king of Khand is the best hero for this small elite force and comes with a chieftains axe as standard, this allows him to gain a combat bonus in much the same way as a Easterling Captain. He also has a good store of might and a respectable defense value to ensure he stays in the fight. His options include a war chariot which if used well can halt a entire cavalry force, it also gives a bonus for bow armed models. It does come in at a high point cost but can be deadly if used correctly, especialy when used with his commanding presence ablilty to gain the combat bonus where it's needed.

Chieftan: Khandish Chieftan are the main stay of a Khandish force and will allow great flexibility throughout the army, they have a low defense and fate value but come equipped with a chieftan axe as stanard and may choose to take a war horse or a war chariot to battle. They may also take a bow to add much needed firepower to the force, this can be used to great effect when coupled with a chariot.

Mercenary Chieftan: Although cheaper and not as couragous as the normal Chieftan they are better in fight and come with a chieftan axe as standard,. They dont access to a chariot but can take a horse and a bow. Their only weakness is a low defense value and the sellsword rule which makes them unpredictable and non-reliable to use.

Warriors of the Fallen Realms

Harad, Far Harad Warriors

Haradrim warriors: These little fellows are the what make up the bulk of the Haradrim army, they have a low defense and all come with the options to equippe them with a spear, a bow, or a banner. If they are equipped with a bow then they will be able to use poisoned arrows to ensure they enemy fall at a distance. If they have spears they can all be backed up and aid an additional warrior in combat.The banner however will add more than one warrior and is good for helping win the fights. Thay are also very cheap point wise, so you can have lots of troops for a very small point game.

Harad Raiders: These make up the main cavlary force for the army and come standard with bows, this allows them to use poison arrows to help kill the enemy with ease. They may also choose to have a banner which will aid them in the fight or be armed with atrusty lance to maximise their initial charge into combat. They have a fairly high points cost for a low defense warrior, but used correctly they can change the course of battle.

Serpant Guard: These are the elite bodyguard of the Haradrim Chieftans and all come armed with a war-spear to ensure their numbers really do count in combat. The 'bodyguard' rule will allow them to stay and fight to the bitter end and have no fear in battle. They are costly but well worth the points when aiding the Haradrim armies Chieftan.

Serpant Riders: These are the mounted version of the Serpant Guard and have all the same abilities as the Serpant Guard, the only exception to this is the war-spear which gives them a combat bonus whilst mounted. If they should lose their mount then the war-spear will still retains its combat bonus, proving these deadly warriors are well worth the points.

Watcher of Karna: These little close combat specialists excel in a fight and use poison blades to overcome the toughest of foes. The only real problem when using them is that have a very measly low defense and can be pick off by bow fire with realtive ease. However when they do get close to the enemy they can overcome all fear caused by the enemy ranks and charge straight into the thick of it. They are fairly for the abilities you get with them, just be sure to hide them in your rear most ranks.

Mahud Warriors: The Mahud are a small elite force which is avaliable to the forces of Harad, they are more exspensive foot troops than any other troop avaliable but with an impressive stat profile they are more than a match for the free peoples of middle earth. They also have the option for blow pipes and spears. The spears will allow their small numbers to really count, while the blow pipes add the much needed firepower to their ranks. Their only flaw is that they can only use the courage from another Mahud Chieftan due to a instinct called warriors pride.

Mahud Raiders: Are a heavy hitting cavlary force which can be used in a Far Harad army, they have the same stats, profile and strength as a Mahud warrior on foot with the added ability to ride a war-camal. They gain an inital bonus when they firstcharge the enemy and will stay in the fight for a lengthy time. They also have their flaws, which are a high point cost and they suffer from warriors pride, so be sure to have a Mahud Chieftain nearby.

Creatures of Harad, Far Harad

Mumakil: The Mumakil is the most powerful monsterous creature in the entire Fallen Realms list. They not trample through absolutly everthing that gets in their way, but can carry your powerful Mahud warriors or Haradrim Warriors into battle upon the mounted Howdah on their backs. They can also be given a variety of wargear to either aid in your troops combat effectivness or to offer much needed protection from enemy bowfire. They are the most expensive model in the army and should only be used in high point games.

Half Trolls: These are the hardest foot warriors in a Far Harad army and whilst striding across the battlefield they can shrug all but the most powerful of hits. They are the toughest and strongest warriors you can field but do come in at a very high price, so you will not be able to field many in your force.

Corsair Fleets Warriors

Corsairs: These are ill armoured pirates who hate the realm of gondor and the western world, they all come equipped with a bandoleer which allows them to get of a deadly volley of fire before or during the charge. They are also very good in a fight, they easily best a good warrior in a one-on-one scrap. Although they have a weak defense they can pack a serious punch when on the charge. They can also be given bows and spears to help make take down the enemy at range or bring their numbers to bare on a single foe.

Arbalesters: These are they main fire power for the Corsairs, aremed with a deadly crossbow and the ability to shoot at a further distabnce with more effect they are the best ranged troops avaliable. If the enemy do manage to get up close and personal the Arbalesters can use a giant shield to cover themselves from harm in the heated combat. They are quite exspensive but can easily make up their points on the field if used correctly.

The Eastern Realms Warriors

The Easterling: These are the most elite warrior avaliable to any of the Fallen Realms armies, they have a high defense when eqiupped with a shield and can be given a spear to gain an additional bonus in combat. Their main strength lies when they form up into a phalanx, this special formation is incrediable hard to stop on the field of battle. They may also be given bows to lend a hand from a distance. They may also take a banner into battle to help with the fighting and ensure you win the combat. Relativaly average points value, which allows a mediocre sized army which can hit hard with rows of warriors.

Kataphrakts: These are the elite cavlary of the Eastern Realms armies altough not as hard hitting as some of the other races cavalary, they do have an incrediable amount of defense. Their horses even come armoured as a standard wargear, which will ensure they will stay mounted for longer duing the battle. A banner is also avaliable to these warriors to help out in the combat and ensure that they win every time. These tough armoured men come in at high point cost so you will not be able to field very many of them.

Warriors of Khand: These are weakly defended troops that can pack a punch when grouped tightly together. They may also exchange their two-handed axe for some much needed fire power in the form of taking bows. They are an average point cost but will be small compared to other armies.

Khandish Horseman: The horsemaen of Khand are the main cavalary to their army and although they have a low defense they come equipped with a bow and hand weapon as standard. There are no options for them but they do pack quite a punch when on the charge and can even move further than a normal bow armed warrior and still be able to fire. At a high points cost dont expect them to fill your ranks.

Khandish Charioteer: The Charioteer is the most hard hitting cavlary force in the Khand army list, they not only provide a stable platform for bow armed models but can hold up entire armies of horsemen with just a couple of them working in unison. The chariot itself is very welll armoured, however the warrior inside is not and can fall to bow fire fairly easily so be sure to keep them safe. They are a good value for points but they are the most exspensive model in the army and must be used with caution.

Mercenary Horsemen: Whilst these are better fighters than their Khandish counterparts they are also less courages and if not paid enough money they will not show up for battle. The only other draw back is they are also have a low defense value.

Khandish Mercenary: These are better than a Khandish warrior in fight but are likley to run at the first sight of trouble, due to a low courage value. They are also unpredictable and may not show up for battle if they do not receive enough payment for their services.


The Fallen Realms list is full of very unique armies that can be assembled with a variety of ways to play in mind. If you are a person who likes to sit back and shoot then take lots of bow armed models, or you could take lots of hard hitting specialised troops such as the Half Trolls and Watchers of Karna. If you prefere your cavlary then you could consider taking the armies of Khand with some Easterlings for some extra punch. The best way to use them is to take advantage of their spear armed warriors who will be able to back each other up and get more of their numbers into the fight. Remember to select your heroes carfully as they can turn the tide of battle in your favour with the right set up. The true strength of any of the Fallen Realms armis is thier ability to allie with each other and almost all of the other evil races in middle earth. This allows them to have some of the most deadliest combinations in the game.

I hope that this has been helpful in introducing you to The Fallen Realms. Any question about The Fallen Realms or anything to do with this, either PM me or post a thread in the Lord of the Rings Forum​
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