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Well in my own typical style I will do things in reverse and post a hello after posting stuff elsewhere.

Now to fill you all in on little ole me
- I can usually be found hiding out in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

- Stormshroud is the family name of an RPG character of mine plus I think it sounds cool and it's usually not used.

- I have been playing GW games for just over 17 years as well as range of other games. My favourite systems are 40K and Shadowrun. I have taken breaks over the years, and in one moment of madness sold a 5000pt Tomb King style undead army (before the Tomb King list even existed) Doh!

- So many to choose from.... ok top 3

1) At last year Dark Stars my Eldar opponent had a secret objective to keep my commander alive. My commander got embroiled in an assault with his Seer Council in turn 3, by careful application of dice he was achieving his objective, then in the last assault phase of the game my commander bottled it and was executed by his commissar. Priceless.

2) The look on my opponent's face as he found out what Infernus shells do. How I laughed.

3) 5 skeleton archers taking out 5 elite Dark Elf cold one riders (many rule sets ago)

- Guard, thru and thru (2 different regiments). But I also have Orks, and small growing armies of Space Marines and Eldar

- The right honourable Shakrut is a good friend and opponent.

- When I am not gaming I enjoy movies and American Football.

Porn King!!!
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Welcome to HO.
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