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An interesting thought

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If everyone is so sick of GW and their constant rewrite and goofying of the rules, why hasn't someone come up with and released a set of rules that are backwards compatible with their Dexes, kinda house rules but on a much larger scale.
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I'm a critic.

As for WHFB.. the local crew for Fantasy is a tad uglier than the 40K crew. If there is intentional cheating to be found, the Fantasy players will be the guilty party. Really odd, but the truth.

I know that HBMC on Dakka Dakka has made his own rules set, with the help of a few buds, but I really don't like where he's taking it.

How do we find a mix between 2nd edition (and all of its possibilities) and 4th edition, with its balance between troops and characters, shooting and assault, and infantry and vehicles?

From what I've seen, 5th edition is not the answer. A modified 4th edition would be appreciated, though.

Any ideas Djinn?
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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