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An interesting thought

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If everyone is so sick of GW and their constant rewrite and goofying of the rules, why hasn't someone come up with and released a set of rules that are backwards compatible with their Dexes, kinda house rules but on a much larger scale.
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Not entirely, the problem with GW is they only modify their rules with new editions, which as we all know can be a painful process and the fact that they release new editions for 40k faster and faster is becoming more of a pain. With a good solid group of playtesters you can hash out major quirks pretty easily. The foundation has already been set for what the game is about and it is easy enough to see what is broken or overpowered.
I always thought fantasy was the bigger game in England? But see that is where I am coming from Panda about a rewrite, you incorperate rules from not only the previous edition of 40 but eveything from fantasy, and the other miniature games around into a set of publishable house rules.
All 5th Ed is, from the book I read, is a modified 4th ED with some really good, and some poor updates.

Maybe a complete rewrite is not the answer but a solid set of house rules to add to WH40K would be better. There are some things in 2nd ED that I would like to see again (getting rid of AP and bring back modding of Armor Save).
Maybe a rules set that is the anti apocalypse, troop based games vs vehicle based games. With rules and equipment to focus on that.
I like the idea of the person that has the first turn moves, then the opponent moves, the shooting is resolved simo by initative, and the assault move much the same way. It keeps both opponents involved more, plus has the likelyness of speeding the games up some.
Yes, I have a modified D20 system that I worked on and was working for a d10 system for a while and also helped beta a miniature system that has not been released yet. I also playtested several card games by AEG.
1 - 7 of 20 Posts
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