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an apoc game this weekend

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so my friend has asked me to gm and apoc game this weekend and think of a funky table rule to make it diff i play chaos so i wanted somthin dark yet chaosy so what u think of this
(remember i am not playing in the game so will not favor ether side)

loki the puppet master WS 10, BS 5, Str 8, T 10,I 10, save 1++ (stats dont matter as he cant be hurt just wanted to add it for fun)

so at the start of the game before any1 deploys i place 5 alters (numbered 1,2,3,4,5) around the board and each turn loki will teleport to a alter on a D6 roll (on a 6 i pick). each alter will levelv up per 10 kills within 18" to a max of level 3 and these levels will effect the power spell he can cast

hes got 3 spells
1/ plague votrex lv1,2 small blast lv3 large blast cannot hurt ppl but its effects last till the end of the turn
lv 1 moves 3D6 on scatter from him - all units touched are -1 T
lv 2 moves 4D6 on scatter from him - all units touched are -1T,str and tanks -1 armor
lv 3 moves 4D6 scatter from him followed by 2D6 in my chosen direction - all units -1 T,str, armor save and tanks -1 armor

any model killed under the effect of the vortex is not removed but stands up as a zombie following the rules for zombies in the chaos codex

2/ blessing of the father - all units within 18" that can accept a challage must deny the witch or roll on the chaos boon table (can only be used on a lv 2 or higher alter )

3/ fires of chaos - is a shot that grows with death it always wounds on a 3+ and glances armor on a 5+ AP- with the soulfire special rule (this attacks the closest unit of each army unless the 6 was rolled in that cast i choose within 24" )
lv 1 single target
lv 2 small blast
lv3 large blast

so what you think ?
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So wait, you are organising and playing in an Apocalypse game, and your friend asked you to make some table rules. You then made a rule to give you an invincible nordic god (of chaos)?

Did you come up with other rules as well?
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