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Amon and Haedo's possible future(spoilers sort of)

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Anyone else think Amon, Haedo or both could be the unlucky custodes who run onto the bridge and get annhilated by Horus during the final battle with the Emperor? I can see it happening to give the death a little more effect for us readers as dont know about evryone else but i quite like Amon and we already know its cant be Valdor
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Loken or Little Horus would be far too big a retcon. Although i have heard other people saying Aximand, i see him being killed by Loken, would fit well.
A loyalist Luna Wolf would certainly give the emperor pause for thought. It's one thing for Horus to order the bombing at Isstvan but to see him flay one of his own "sons" up close and personal ought to be enough to convince the emperor to do the same.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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