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Amon and Haedo's possible future(spoilers sort of)

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Anyone else think Amon, Haedo or both could be the unlucky custodes who run onto the bridge and get annhilated by Horus during the final battle with the Emperor? I can see it happening to give the death a little more effect for us readers as dont know about evryone else but i quite like Amon and we already know its cant be Valdor
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He didn't see Sanguinius death, didn't know how the fight panned out and how brutal it actually was. When lone Guardsman/Imperial Fist/Custode runs in and Horus destroys him with a look of enjoyment on his face is when the Emperor realises he truely isnt coming back. From a raders perspective a random running in wouldn't be moving as much as someone like Amon running in and getting so brutally killed. Over the series i've no doubt they will establish Amon a bit more, consumate survivor, likeable, loyal etc, i already like him as do several other readers i know and he's been in virtually none of it. To see a character like that or any established character getting killed in such a way will tug at you a little more than Joe Blogs
Can't be Valdor, he's with the Space Wolves on Prospero, well on his way back with them anyway during the siege.

Like i said, as he didnt see Sanguinius death i can still seem him trying to rationalise it somehow, convincing himself Sanguinius attacked straight away and wouldnt hear him out or some crazy idea, but by seeing Horus commit that one act in person truely showed him how far his son had gone
is it? wheres it reference that, i supose he has to be of course seeing as the Heresy is already in full swing by now, supose its still possible he hasnt RV'ed with the Wolves yet?

Havent read Tales of Heresy in a while so cant really remember if it mentions the rough time it is in place of the heresy
Sure they will keep him with the Wolves, in the previous fluff he was always with them, severing Bjorns hand for one, and im sure hes been mentioned living past the Heresy
True and i understand that completely, and it was a IF (from a guardsman) but in the latest fluff they have changed it to a Custode, so the Emperor like you said is likely going to know him anyway, i just see it as being Amon or Haedo so that the reader can connect to it more aswell as the Emperor.
Fair enough, good points all the same

With any result i imagine we will see Amon and Haedo(definetly Haedo i think for some reason) die during the heresy, whether its like i suspect or some other way
Custodes. Amon being a particularly good Custode at that. Both feature primarily in Tales of Heresy and a very very minor role in Thousand Sons
Loken or Little Horus would be far too big a retcon. Although i have heard other people saying Aximand, i see him being killed by Loken, would fit well.
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