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So, it's been awhile since I've played any 40k at all, but the Imperial Knight model is something I dig a lot. Just when I thought I was out...

This is my proposed list at 1k.

The idea is that the veteran squads will grab objectives in their chimeras while the tank command squad zones both infantry and armor. The Knight Errant stomps around melta-ing anything heavy/dangerous into oblivion. Hopefully. The Hydra is obviously there to deal with fliers and skimmers.

I've kept the vehicles fairly bare bones to minimize the pain of them being melta-ed to death at this points level. The hope is that a lot of fire will be dumped in the Knight Errant. It feels like there is A LOT of armor for an opponent to deal with at 1k.

I don't need this list to be a tournament champion/world beater, just capable of performing well in some semi-competitive local games. I face mostly Tau and Marines.

Comments and concerns appreciated.

-Tank Commander in Vanquisher
-Eradicator w/ lascannon

Pts: 295

-Veteran Squad in Chimera
-2x Grenade Launchers
-Sgt. w/ laspistol and sword

-Veteran Squad in Chimera
-2x Sniper Rifles (These are here because I like snipers, not because they're the most efficient.)
-Sgt. w/ laspistol and sword

Pts: 264

Heavy Support
-Hydra Flak Tank

Pts: 70

-Imperial Knight Errant

Pts: 370

Total Points: 999
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