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Bezerkers of White Scars

After the failed seige of Terra, the White Scars split into sepereate warbands led by a Daemon Prince or a Chaos Lord. Each memeber of the White Scars was a bezerker, and each (apart from the Daemons), rode warbikes. The White Scars only strike against fellow all bikers armies, such as the Orks Cult of Speed, and when they do, they strike with clean prescision.

The Nightstalkers

The Nightstalkers are the result of the Raven Guard's dedication to Tzneetch. They know many sorcerous ways, and each are adapt at fighting in the shadows and stealthing.

The Infernal Knights

The Infernal Knights were originally the Imperial Fists, but changed their name after the Destroyer Hive swept through their ship, forcing Rogal Dorn to follow Nurgle or Die. He obeyed, and the Infernal Knights were born, each memember a plague marine. Long gone are the days when they strode the stars as noble, yellow-painted warriors of the Imperial Fists. They are now arragont, green and slime coloured, with dedication to Grandfather Nurgle on their banners.

The Harbringers of Death

The harbringers of Death originally belonged to the Death Guard Legion, before they scummbed to the false promises of She who thirsts, and became obsessed with sound and perfection.

For more details, see here.

~Bane of Kings.
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