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So I do not know why I never really thought of this before but after reading a couple posts about rewriting the Horus Heresy in one’s own fashion I had realized something that is of an extreme importance.

In many rewrites Legions who have dedicated themselves to a certain chaos god change with that rewrite. Because of this I can’t help but think that the cult troops produced by these legions would be either extremely or slightly different from those that has already been established.

For example the Thousand Sons have a unique cult unit in GW’s already established 40K and they are a product of specific histories belonging to the 40K galaxy. However in my rewrite the Thousand Sons are one of the loyalist legions who remain with the Imperium and so they are not dedicated to Tzeentch and that basically eliminates the possibility of the Rubric Marines creation. In my rewrite the Dark Angels have taken the place of a devout Tzeentch cult and so in my opinion their own cult troop would not be anything like the Thousand Sons squads that we know today.

So what I am trying to say is that if you have written your own version of the Heresy and changed those legions dedicated to certain chaos gods what cult troops did you get of it?

Ok so here are my alternate cult troops

For Tzeentch I have Thrall Squads

The Dark Angels of Tzeentch became dedicated followers to the Architect of Fate after the death of Lion El’Jonson and Luthor led the Dark Angels into the Eye of Terror. They learned the many and dangerous possibilities of sorcery as they developed a thirst for knowledge. Corrupted by the Changer of Ways many Dark Angels developed minor psychic abilities. To further their aspiration for power many Dark Angels would form a coven with aspiring sorcerers in hopes of furthering their own desire for power. Unfortunately it is what is known as a Death Coven where the lives of those who are under the sorcerers command are forfeit as the sorcerer can call upon powerful spells without endangering himself.

For Slaanesh I have Terror Marines

The Night Lords were overcome with their lust for bringing terror to all those before them and succumb to the power of Slaanesh. They relish in the pure pain and horrifying gaze of their victims as they sometimes slip into a bloodthirsty trance. Terror Marines earn their name from the horrid shrieks that they cry out when they are on the battlefield. Amplified by the power of the warp these screams can frighten and confuse all; but the most stoic warriors. When in close combat terror marines will sometimes be consumed by their desire to inflict pain both physically and mentally as their murderous intentions go into overdrive.

You can find my homebrew rules HERE

When it came to Khorne and Nurgle I still had Angron and Mortarion take on the already established roles and so I still got Plague Marines and Khorne Berzerkers as normal.

You can find the base of my rewrite HERE along with other fine works of good homemade fluff.

If you have your own alternate cult troops please post about them :victory:

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Don't have any fluff but I just wanted to say that this is nice work.

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Bezerkers of White Scars

After the failed seige of Terra, the White Scars split into sepereate warbands led by a Daemon Prince or a Chaos Lord. Each memeber of the White Scars was a bezerker, and each (apart from the Daemons), rode warbikes. The White Scars only strike against fellow all bikers armies, such as the Orks Cult of Speed, and when they do, they strike with clean prescision.

The Nightstalkers

The Nightstalkers are the result of the Raven Guard's dedication to Tzneetch. They know many sorcerous ways, and each are adapt at fighting in the shadows and stealthing.

The Infernal Knights

The Infernal Knights were originally the Imperial Fists, but changed their name after the Destroyer Hive swept through their ship, forcing Rogal Dorn to follow Nurgle or Die. He obeyed, and the Infernal Knights were born, each memember a plague marine. Long gone are the days when they strode the stars as noble, yellow-painted warriors of the Imperial Fists. They are now arragont, green and slime coloured, with dedication to Grandfather Nurgle on their banners.

The Harbringers of Death

The harbringers of Death originally belonged to the Death Guard Legion, before they scummbed to the false promises of She who thirsts, and became obsessed with sound and perfection.

For more details, see here.

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