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At some point I want to do an army for one of the traitor legions, and I've narrowed the short list down to the Alpha Legion, Iron Warriors, Night Lords and Word Bearers.

The Alpha Legion are tempting simply because they're unlike any other Traitor Legion, and after reading Legion I really liked that difference.

Anyway here's the list at 1500pts worth:

Chaos Lord, Terminator Armour, Combi-Melta & Chainfist - 140 points.

5 Chaos Terminators, Champion with Combi-Melta, Reaper Autocannon, Icon of Chaos Glory -200 points.

10 Chaos Space Marines, Champion with Powerfist, Icon of Chaos Glory, Heavy Bolter & Plasma Gun, Rhino - 260 points.

10 Chaos Space Marines, Champion with Powerfist, Icon of Chaos Glory, Missile Launcher & Plasma Gun, Rhino - 260 points.

10 Chaos Space Marines, Champion with Powerfist, Icon of Chaos Glory, 2 Meltaguns, Rhino - 255 points

8 Chosen Chaos Space Marines, Champion with Powerfist, 2 Powerweapons, 2 Meltaguns, Icon of Chaos Glory - 239 points.

Vindicator with Daemonic Posession - 145 points.

Basically the Rhinos advance together providing cover for the Vindicator, whilst the lord and terminators deepstrike behind enemy lines, with the chosen infiltrating as close as possible. I want this list to be themed, so I need it to be sneaky and fairly shooty. If anyone knows how I can do this, doesn't hesitate to say so.

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solid list, but sadly, there's nothing about that's very Alpha Legion about it.

not that it's your fault, C:CSM doesn't do much justice the any of the legions you mentioned.

as far as the list is concerned, it's pretty solid, though if you're going to use a heavy weapon and a special weapon for some of your CSM i would use ML for all of them.

have you thought about using two Chaos Lords? that could be a good way to represent Alpharius Omegon...

good hunting.

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My personal opinion is to have no heavy weapons in your CSM squads at all and just have special weapons. And if I remember correctly the alpha legion do not use daemons at all and with that said I would lose the daemonic possession on the vindicator. And I would put extra armor on your rhinos so that your squads are still mobile as long as possible.

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Greetings sir.

Alpha legion is a nice idea. I dont see much of them in your list though.

First of all I would like to mention that when simulating a fluff army I personally like to give them marks and icons that belong to a certain god eventhough they arent aligned to that god. I do this to simulate their special characteristics and not the dedication to some god.

Anyways heres my suggestion for a sneaky, hit and run alpha legion list.

Chaos lord
- bike, daemon weapon, meltabombs, mark of slaanesh
Chaos sorcerer
- bike, mark of slaanesh, lash of submission, meltabombs
+ their bodyguard
Bikers (5)
- aspiring champion, powerfist, 2 meltaguns, icon of slaanesh

3x Chosen (5)
- 5 meltaguns

2x CSM (10)
- aspiring champion, powerfist, 2 plasmaguns, rhino

Havocs (5)
4 missile launchers
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