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I wouldn't underestimate the use of Daemons. WoC aren't exactly versatile in terms of Lores (in terms of what each Lore is good at), so Kairos would be a very nice addition to your army. Another thing to consider are the Bloodcrushers: they do what your good ol' Chaos Knights used to do: run anyone's ass over. Or perhaps the Seekers would be another unit to take a look at, they do pretty well from what I've heard (or was that 40K? :p).

I'm not saying that Chaos Dwarves would be a bad idea, in fact, they would balance out your army... but do you really need balance? Your army is probably the best close combat army in the game, why would you start shooting all of the sudden when you can further enchance your already formidable close combat capabilities?

I don't mean to disagree with what has been said, it would be nice to see our smiths back but I thought it would be best if you'd examine the question from a different perspective. :)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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