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Before somebody says you can't use psykers with Black Templars, Grey Knights are a codified exception.

You aren't maximising the efficiency of your Grey Knight close-combat team. Since you say their goal is to obliterate combat, give them two Incinerators (instead of one Psycannon), allowing you to deal more obscene damage up close. Give them the Holocaust power to further allow them to utterly annihilate anything short of Sv3+. Between that and your two Incinerators, you can't get blocked by rank-and-file troopers. You can't be stopped by anything huge, since the Grand Master is nearly specifically designed to wipe out big tough things. All they can do to stop you is rush you with high-end combat specialists, which will still probably lose in most cases. This way, your opponent can't afford to let the squad run riot, but will be unable to stop it without some very heavy-duty firepower. If you're willing to go to hyperbole, get another half-dozen terminators and a Land Raider Crusader as a Heavy Support choice, and if your opponent loses his cool, you've won.

This doesn't work against high-density armies in the slightest.
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