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All Paper Warhound Scratchbuild

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Go to page three and scroll down to the bottom.... whimper a little...go crawl into bed and curl up in a fetal position......


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holycrap that looks amazing... i want one! or rather the templates/skills to do that O_O!!
sweet jebus i want to see that thing painted!
if only forge world can make titans like this. and out of paper?!! i bet the whole thing cost at most 50 bucks for paper
omfg. how do people manage stuff like that..............
i almost shat when i saw the pic of the foot, then i saw there was 2 more pages. Damn it anyways. If I could do this kind of stuff, I'd be a happy man.

As for you. Good work!

Ass -.-
holy friggen crap that detail is amazing and its PAPER!? daaaaaamn :shok:
by the emperor's left testicle, that is some awesome work.
by the emperor's left testicle, that is some awesome work.
its most likely for the best i dont ask where that came from...
Holy beslubberin jebus rindin a left wheeled unicycle that is beyond belief, I just drooled on the keyboard.
not bad. Good to see that it's balanced well.
That guy got skills, Looks like something that jumped out from godzilla lol.
all i got to say is "holy shit thats awesome":shok:
I'm assuming that when he said 'it's made from paper', he actually meant 'it's made from awesome'.
fuck me sideways that is awesome.
Marry me sideways....:victory:
Great work, if a little disturbing.
what the hell :shok: dont spill water on it :laugh:
Yikes... :shok:

That is a lot of effort, measuring, cutting, obsession... and paper cuts.

Not to mention he most likely has to make sure no one is drinking or holding a drink within 3m of the thing... especially when they first see it.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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