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Just thought I would let everyone know about a good sculpting epoxy putty called All-Fix. It's a standard 2-part putty like greenstuff. However it's only $12 a lb, works easier, has a longer working time, and dries hard as marble.

I learned about it recently from a player who has a masterfully scuplted Death Guard army.

The putty came to my attention when during a tournament game I was using one of those big metal carpentry tape measures that weighs at least 2lbs. During the game it slipped out of my hand, and fell a good 12" down right on top of his demon prince, and hounds. All customized and worthy of at least a 8 on cool mini or not.

Of course my heart skipped a beat thinking I had just damaged months and months of work. However the putty was so hard it didn't give enough to even mar the paint. The models were completely unscathed.

I've been using it ever since because it's not rubbery like greenstuff when cured.

Anyway thought I would share the info. If you sculpt a lot you might want to give it a try.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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