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So this is my homebrew Special Character, Basically inspired because I love homebrew, and because the entry about Daemonic pacts in the CSM codex was interesting.


WS 5
BS 5
S 4
T 4
I 5
W 3
A 3
LD 10
Sv 3+/5++

Equipment: Bolt Pistol, frag and Krak Grenades, Force weapon
Special Rules: Daemonic Pacts

Daemonic Pacts: Akarthian is adept at the summoning and controlling of daemonic warp enitities, using them to imbue his spells, and on occasion to power himself.

This is represented by- Akarthian may elect to cast a pyschic power even if he has already cast one, but he must first pass a LD check, at -1 LD.

He may then attempt to use another power, but with a -2 to the LD check.

Akarthian may only ever use up to two pyschic powers that count as shooting. He may use this ability to power his force weapon, but the same modifier applies.

Akarthian may instead choose to channel the daemon itself into an attack, rather than drawing on its power, this is extremely dangerous, as once the daemon realises his intention it is anything but willing.

Akarthian may make a shooting attack in the shooting phase represented with the following profile

Range: 24" S 6 AP 4 Assault 1, Blast
Or Alternativly
Range: 18" S 9 AP 1 Assault 1
To use this power Akarthian must pass a pyschic test, and a toughness test. If he fails the pyschic test he suffers from perils of the warp as normal. If he fails the toughness test he takes a wound with no armour saves permitted. And the shot is discontinued.

Any thoughts? I am thinking around 160-175 points for him.
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