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From Natfka:

Put together via shinros on Dakka
Now this text is rumors from /tg take it with a grain of salt but the image is real. From grand alliance. Props to Bass924.

In addition to the above pic, here are the rest of the rumors so far courtesy of /tg/:

"All units have an assigned role.
Leader, Battleline, Behemoth, Artillery, no role.
Depending on points you play you are required/limited on number of units of each type you can take. Lets say we play 1000pts battle.
In that case you are required to take
2+ Battleline units
1-4 Leaders
0-2 Behemoths
0-2 Artillery
Any number of no role units

Some units have both types so they take up both slots at once.
Some units can become battleline if you take specific leader

Somehow I missed the part about summoning while taking photos but as far as I remember it works along the lines:
We play 1000 pts battle
You can decide to spent any of those points on summoning. So lets say you take 700 points on field and 300 points are "held in reserve: as summoning.
You summon any unit within said 300 points limit later in game. Points are used for summon so no recycling.

Armies build entirely of one Alliance are given extra rule. Generals can take 1 extra ability out of 6 predefined ones. Also there are 6 artefacts that can be taken by heroes at no additional cost.

Each alliance has its own set of
1 Battle Trait
6 Command Traits for your general
6 Artefacts that "any (non-unique) hero can be given one..."

Battle traits are
Death: For each wount or mortal wound suffered by DEATH unit within your army that is within 10" of your General or another Hero from your army, roll a die. On a 6 or more the wound is negated.
Destruction: Roll a dice in your hero phase for each unit from your army that is within 6" of General or another Hero from your army. The unit can move a number of inches equal to the dice roll, as if it were movement phase, but cannot run. This does not affect their ability to move again later in the turn.

Chaos: Roll a dice when you pick a Chaos unit to attack in combat that is within 8" of general or other your hero. On a roll of 6 you can add 1 to all hit rolls for the unit in that phase.
Order: You can re-roll battleshock tests (in battleshock phase) for friendly Order units that are within 12" of general or other hero in your army.

(order artifacts. chose one, no roll)
1. Attack in combat before anyone else (one use potion)
2. Improve Rend by 1, not for mounts
3. +1 Damage for one weapon
4. -1 to To Hit for enemies you wounded (for rest of battle)
5. Once per battle -1 to Hit for all enemies agains model with this artefact
6. Heal 1 wound in each of your hero phases. "

Points costs getting leaked:
" Prime 360
Judicators 160pts per 5
Liberators 100pts per 5
vexillor 200pts
heraldor 120pts
venator 120pts
Celestant /on dracoth 100/220
Prosecutors hammers/javelins 100/80pts per 3models
Retributors 220 per 5
Stardrake 500/600pts
Drake cav 240pts per 2 models with concussors as exception at 280

Nagash is 900
Archaon is 700

Arielle is 620

New unit names are Tree Revenants and one other type of Revenants 100 pts/5 both
and Kurnoth Hunters (or something like that) 180pts/3

Kairos 300
Lord of Change 260
Great Unclean 240
Skarbrand 400
Bloodthirsters 280-360 depending on version
Verminlord 300
Keeper of Secrets 280"

NO POINTS or battlefield roles for any forge world units in the book.
Plus ironjaws pic attatched got posted.

Limits are
1000pts 1-4 Leaders 2+ Battleline 0-2 Artillery 0-2 Behemoths any other units
2000pts 1-6 Leaders 3+ Battleline 0-4 Artillery 0-4 Behemoths any other units
2500pts 1-8 Leaders 4+ Battleline 0-5 Artillery 0-5 Behemoths any other units

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More from BoLS:

via Alex Lakomy (facebook)

Alex shows off the page for assembling your Age of Sigmar army:

“Update, more from the same guy:

have confirmed that summoning works as I said yesterday. You pay points only for bringing new units to battlefield so undead are safe with their standards returning models previously slain in battle.

Deep striking units are same as now.

Rules like phoenix returning on a 4+ work as written, you dont pay summon points for bringing it back to life, its part of model cost you pay at the start.

In addition to new Sylvaneth units there are also new units for orks and some renamed units for ogres in new yet unrevealed battletome”
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