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Age of Dragons: Age of Adventure (Recruitment)

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Hello all and welcome to Age of Dragons: Age of Adventure. This is a DnD based open world roleplay set in the custom universe of Age of Dragons where you will be playing a party/group of adventurers/friends/partners/etc as they try to make a name for themselves in the world as they wish to become more then what they were. Those of you who were in: Age of Dragons, will like to know that this is set some 400 years before the events of the roleplay. Long before the Dragon Rider order was founded by Modeus so Dragons are very much still hated and feared by everyone and great are the rewards for slaying them.

As it is a custom world/universe much of the lore can be found out in game as we go along, with the information I have already written as the basics you will need to know. In essence we are also building the world together meaning that you will be able to help shape the worlds history and lore (within reason / depending on your roll as it will tell you how much you know.)

We will be using the rule set for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition so each of you will all need a copy of the 5th Edition Players Handbook, meaning if you require it then please send me a pm / message on skype: [email protected] and I shall set you up with one where you can find all the information you need.

All rolls shall be made by myself behind the scenes when it comes to fighting / skill checks when they are required with each update telling you the result of what happened for you to react to before stating in brackets ( ) at the end of your post what it is you wish to do. For example:

"Santaire the Mighty raises his shield to block the goblin arrows raining down from the sky with those that miss rattling off of his plate armour. Spitting on the ground with a curse Santaire charges forward towards the leader of the goblins and swings his mighty battle axe down towards the Hog-Goblins chest in an attempt to carve his opponent in twain."
(Santaire charges towards the Hob-Goblin chieftain and attacks two handed with his battle axe.)

From that I will then roll your attack with all of your modifiers vs the Hob-Goblins Armour Class and then post the result in the weekly/bi-weekly update along with any attacks / reactions from other NPC's.

All skill checks will be made automatically, for example if you are all marching through a swamp tracking the tracks of a Hydra (those of you with survival skill will be able to do it) then I will roll your Survival skill and let you know if you are able to find the tracks and follow them, along with how long it takes or if you end up getting lost and eaten by giant spiders.

Any questions on how the dice system is going to work, then feel free to pm, message me, or post them here and I shall answer.

Attributes and Health:
You will notice that like most games you have the 6 main attributes along with Health Points, simply message me/post before you make your character sheet and ill send you the results of what I have rolled for those 6 skills. You will then take those 6 numbers and place them in which ever attribute you wish then add any racial bonuses for example:

I roll: 15, 11, 12, 17, 13, 14. And im playing a Mountain Dwarf Fighter so i decide to put my stats as follows:

Attribute / ( Modifier):
Strength: 17 (+3) (15 roll, +2 from being a Mountain Dwarf)
Dexterity: 12 (+1)
Constitution: 17 (+3)
Intelligence: 13 (+1)
Wisdom:14 (+2)
Charisma: 11 (+0)

You then determine your Health from your Maximum roll on Class health dice + your con modifier. So a Fighter has d10 for health so they start with 10 health, +3 from Con modifier meaning a level 1 fighter with the above attributes has: 13 HP.
When ever you level up I shall roll and tell you how much Health you need to add to your total.

Once again any questions then send me a message.

Age of Dragons Custom Races:

The below races are from Age of Dragons and as such have their own Racial bonus's:

Snow Elves: - Also shares common elf Bonuses (Trance, can not be charmed or put to sleep with spells.)
+2 Con, +1 in another attribute.
Resistant to Frost Damage.

Deep Dwarves:
+2 Con, +1 Int.
Superior Dark Vision - Able to see up to 60 feet in Dim-light as if it were full light, Darkness as it were Dim-Light 40 feet beyond that.
Resistant to Fire Damage.

Frost Dwarves:
+1 Con, +2 Cha.
Resistant to Frost Damage.
Friendly Reputation: Frost Dwarves double their proficiency bonus for Persuasion rolls.

In Age of Dragons there are factions of which you will gain or lose influence with depending on how you react to them, I will let you know when you have met a faction / influential or Important NPC which will either be Personal or Party based Influence. If you have high Influence with them then you will be able to ask things of them, if you have bad Influence with them then it is entirely possible that you may have to fight them.

For example: "Vaz the Magnificent has X amount of positive reputation with Lord Calistar of Carronburg. When the party comes to Carronburg he is able to speak with Lord Calistar into getting a discount for staying at the local tavern, or with a persuasion roll even be allowed to stay at the local manner/castle."

Once again any questions then send me a message.

I am looking for a minimum of 4 players to join, though more is welcome.

Positions/Accepted Characters:

Isidor Maginnis - Boxagonapus
H’Rona Ottan - Lord Necross

Character Sheet

Player Information: - IMPORTANT - You all start at level 2 of your class.
Age: 18+ Minimum, Elves and Dwarves no older than 120.
Race: - Human
- Half-Elf
- Tiefling/Void Touched
- Elf: Dark, High, Snow, Wood
- Dwarf: Deep, Frost, Hill, Mountain
- Half-Orc

Languages: - If your character knows more than your racial and common (high elves learn a third for example, as do some classes) then send me a message or post and i shall give you the list.

Equipment (Page 143-154 Players Handbook):
Gold: You each start off with 350 Gold Pieces with which to buy your equipment. (Remember to buy atleast 10 days of rations aswell.)

10 copper to 1 Silver. 10 Silver to 1 Gold.

Spells (If applicable):

Class Abilities:

Misc. Player Information (Page 127-141 Players Handbook) :
Personality Traits:

Racials Bonus's:

Attribute / ( Modifier):
Strength: ( )
Dexterity: ( )
Constitution: ( )
Intelligence: ( )
Wisdom: ( )
Charisma: ( )

Armour Class:
Hit Points:

Skills: - Pick Three to be proficient in:
Acrobatics, Animal Handling, Arcana, Athletics, Deception, History, Insight, Intimidation, Medicine, Nature, Perception, Performance, Persuasion, Religion, Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Survival.

Saving Throws: Pick Two to be proficient in:
Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma:

Location and Race information.
The Kel’Karadorn Mountains:

Ardhon en' Khelek

The Mystical forest of Ela'Amnor:

Bel'angrath the Kingdom of Men

The Frozen Wastes and the North Men

The White Cities of Az'Neldaren:

The Icy kingdom of Narg'Aron:

The Volcanic Region of Azgrad'dun:

Racial Information:

Central Em'Ralden:

Humans are known as a 'Mortal' race due to their shorter life spans compared to that of the Elves and Dwarves, roughly living up to 80 years old though in the cases of human mages up until their mid one-hundred and fifties. Humans on average stand between five-six feet tall though in some cases can be shorter or taller, range from being thin to rather large in far or muscle. Human hair, eye and skin colour roughly depends on what part of the kingdom they live in those who live near the Volcanic region tend to have darker skin, eyes and hair, while those in the north and west will have lighter skin, eye and hair colour. As a race humans are able to learn and master almost anything they put their minds to within their short life span, be it the way of the warrior, the mystical ways or magic or even the holy arts of a paladin.

The Elves:
The Elves are categorized into six distinct sub-races: The Deep Elves, The Dark Elves, The Blood Elves, The Snow Elves, The High Elves and The Wood Elves. Long ago before the War of the Ancients where the Ancient Races did battle with the Eldar races for ownership of the land the elves were a single race having said to originated from the lands far to the south from within the great forest of Ela'Amnor meaning that all elves originate from Wood Elves. After the end of the war, which saw the Elven High-King slain his six sons each took a portion of the Elven race as they believed themselves to be the true heir to their fathers throne:

The Blood Elves: Descended from the second youngest son of the High-King, the then Prince Kai'roth cursed the Gods for allowing his brothers to stop him from taking the throne that he thought was rightfully his which in response the Elven Gods cursed the Prince and all of his followers to forfeit their immortality reducing their life-spans to that of mortal men. Delving into the dark knowledge of the Naga looted from their temple-cities Prince Kai'roth found a new way for him and his followers to live as long as their cousins but stealing the vitality of other living creatures through consuming their blood.

The High Elves: The High Elves are the most widely known of and seen Elves in the known world having alliances with the human kingdoms and the dwarven realms that have lasted many hundreds if not a couple of thousand years since the war of the ancients. The High Elves of Az'Neldaren like other elves stand between six to eight feet tall with rather thin builds that mask their true physical strength. Unlike the other two castes of elves, the High Elves have fair skin, eyes and hair. The hair colour ranges from light blondes to deep silvers and even pure white, their eyes range from blues to greens and on the rare occasion even an eye of each colour, one blue and one green. Like other elves the High elves are masters at magic seemingly to have a natural affinity of it.

Lords of the Frozen Wastes:

The Snow Elves and Frost Dwarves: The ancient empire of the Snow Elves and the Frost Dwarves, this covers a large swathe of the Frozen Wastes. The land it covers is officially equal to that of the Dark Elves, but in reality it is confined to the mountain areas and several outlying fortresses for the lands of the Frozen Wastes are dangerous, beyond any other place in Em’Ralden save the Dark Lands.
The ancient capital of the empire is known as Benerel en’ Khelek in the Elvish tongue, and Kazad-A-Wyr in the Dwarvish tongue. Both of these names when translated mean ‘City of Ice’ and the name is justly deserved, for the Elven towers that soar to the clouds are wreathed in ice, indeed every structure is. Beneath the ice, the city is constructed of white marble quarried from the mountain, Karak-A-Wyr, that the city is built upon and into. Beneath the great Elven spires plunges the Dwarven city and even to the depths of the earth there is still ice. The Snow Elves and Frost Dwarves who call the city their home also lay claim to many other cities built into the mountains, all resembling the capital but smaller. They also possess fortresses throughout the Frozen Wastes, huge bastions of white stone sunk into the ice and they have fought as long and hard as the Dark Elves to keep the creatures of the Dark Lands from the more shielded lands in the centre of Em’Ralden. The two races are ruled by a council, a council formed of the leaders of every city and major Elven family or Dwarven Clan. The numbers of each race at the council is always equal in terms of Elves and Dwarves.

Each city is likewise ruled by an Elf and a Dwarf and this equality of races has created a civilization quite unlike any other.
The Frost Dwarves and Snow Elves are not the only races to call this place home, for first and foremost Ardhon en’ Khelek is part of the Frozen Wastes and there are many denizens of these deadly plains. The Ice Dragons live deep in the Wastes, hiding among the ice sheets and erupting out to snatch their prey. Many strongholds of the Snow Elves and Frost Dwarves have fallen to these magnificent, terrible beasts. The Black, the Blue, the Purple and the Amethyst Dragons haunt the northern reaches of the Kel’Karadorn Mountains and have struck at the mountainous cities of the Elves and Dwarves many times, aiming to take them but it is in these mountains where the empire is at its strongest and so few places have fallen. And of course there are the ever present Shadow Dragons that can be found all across Em’Ralden who haunt the dark corners of the Wastes.

The Dark Elves: The Dark Elves are those elves who followed Prince Kalistarion into the frigid north after the dividing of the elven race. The Dark Elves are so named for their grim appearance and almost corpse like appearance, being a pale white with raven black hair and dark eyes they are the race that have been holding back the creatures and darkness of the Dark Lands since it first appeared. While dark elves are grim and dour in nature there are none more loyal and steadfast warriors in the known world, standing their ground even in the face of impossible odds to fulfil their duty to the very end. To earn the loyalty and friendship of a Dark Elf is to have a friend who will stand by you no matter what.

The North Men of the Frozen wastes are distant cousins of the Humans of Bel'angrath along with sharing a similar 'mortal' lifespan of roughly 80 years old though in the frozen wastes most North Men don't live passed fifty years old. North Men stand roughly between six and seven feet making them around as tall/slightly shorter than elves and generally have much larger muscles than their southern cousins, making them generally thought of as being either distant ancestors or descendants of the Dwarves of Kel'Karadorn, though there isnt much evidence to back up this theory. North Men skin colour is much paler then humans of the south due to their colder climate though their skin is often covered in black or red tattoo's and paints. Their hair colour is often some form of blonde or red though in some rare cases their hair is a raven black or very dark brown. North Men tend to become some form of warrior, hunter or berserker but in some rare cases a child is found to have magic abilities and is trained by the town 'Shaman'(another mage) in the use of magic.

Southern Em'Ralden:

The Wood Elves: The Wood Elves like other elves stand between six to eight feet tall with rather thin builds that mask their true physical strength. Due to the area that they live in the Wood Elves have fair skin like the High Elves but have much darker hair and eye colour. Their eye colours range from dark greens to browns and sometime dark amber, their hair colour is always some shade of brown and never anything else. Wood Elves have a natural affinity with magic and nature which gave birth to the practice of druidism and nature magic which only they are able to use and Wood Elves are known to have some of the best archers in the world.

The Mountain Dwarves (Also includes Hill Dwarves):
The Mountain Dwarves of Kel'Karadorn are universally known as 'The Dwarves' due to the deep dwarves of Azgrad'dun have only been re-discovered within the last one hundred years. Mountain Dwarves like Deep Dwarves, and the three castes of the elves are considered to be an 'Eldar' race as they have a life span which exceeds that of two hundred years old, while the Elves live for thousands of years old, while Mountain and Deep dwarves usually live up to around eight hundred to nine hundred years old though there have been records of dwarves living to one thousand two hundred years old through shear stubbornness. Both Mountain and Deep Dwarves stand between four to five feet high and are extremely well muscled. Mountain Dwarves unlike Deep Dwarves tend to be the more 'fairer' of the two castes of dwarves in appearance, having lighter skin colour and hair colour to usually match that of a human or North man. The colour of Mountain Dwarves hair and beards tend to range in many colours; blacks, reds, greys, blondes, browns though like their deep dwarf cousins they always have either brown eyes or dark grey eyes. Mountain Dwarves are known to be some of the best warriors on the battle field despite their size their physical strength allows them to smash and break through enemy lines with ease. Dwarves are also known for the discovery and use of gun powder.

The Deep Dwarves:
The Deep Dwarves of Azgrad'dun have only been re-discovered within the last one hundred years. Deep Dwarves like Mountain Dwarves, and the three castes of the elves are considered to be an 'Eldar' race as they have a life span which exceeds that of two hundred years old, while the Elves live for thousands of years old, while Mountain and Deep dwarves usually live up to around eight hundred to nine hundred years old though there have been records of dwarves living to one thousand two hundred years old through shear stubbornness. Both Mountain and Deep Dwarves stand between four to five feet high and are extremely well muscled. Deep Dwarves unlike Mountain Dwarves tend to be the much darker of the two castes of dwarves in appearance, having darker skin colour(ranging from dark brown to black) and hair colour. The colour of Deep Dwarves hair and beards tend to range from deep raven black to dark grey and dark brown though like their mountain dwarf cousins they always have either brown eyes or dark grey eyes. Deep Dwarves are known to be some of the most fearsome berserkers on the battle field, some Deep Dwarves berserkers have been known to continue fighting on after being shot by eight arrows and having one of their arms cut off. Dwarves are also known for the discovery and use of gun powder.

Misc. Races:

The Void-Touched / Tieflings: Tieflings are humans who have daemon or devil-blood in their ancestry which is passed down from generation to generation giving the traits like those of their otherworldly ancestors. The appearance of a Tiefling varies from one to the other with some only sporting ram like horns and a lion like tail to having scaled skin and daemonic like claws and eyes. Tieflings are often considered to be 'pure-bloods' among themselves as long one or both of their parents is a Tiefling, those called 'Void-Touched' are infact humans whose parents are both humans and through chance, magical experimentation, or a curse have traits like that of the Tiefling race. No body save the Tieflings themselves know if they have a true capital or an empire save that it is rumoured to be in the northern parts of the Kel'Karadorn mountains bordering the approaching Dark Lands.

The Deep Elves: Little is known of the Deep Elves save that since the splitting of the Elven Race they took up residence in the mountains deep within what is now known as the Dark Lands and that some three thousand years ago they were forced from their home by an unknown darkness that planted the seeds of corruption deep in their souls. Since then the Deep Elves have carved out their own mountain dwellings in the remote parts of the Kel'Karadorn mountains and have begun a long war on the Mountain Dwarves and humans surrounding their mountain Fortress-Cities.

Any questions about races then please feel free to message me!

Contact information:
Heresy account: Revan4559
Email: [email protected]
skype address: [email protected]
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Forgot to add it in, but Racial information shall be up soon!
In regards to the skills, are these in addition to our class and race?

Got to say, I'm not a massive fan of the 5th edition way of working in favour of 3.5th edition, still doesn't really stop the characters.

Ignore your class skills, simply pick three from the above unless you wish to take the Class skills.

You will always get your racial skills aswell so some players may end up with four, i simply decided to allow you all to pick three instead of being race/class limited to allow you abit more freedom with your characters.

Also information on some Age of Dragon races is up now. More to come tomorrow when im less tired.
In regards to the skills, are these in addition to our class and race?

Got to say, I'm not a massive fan of the 5th edition way of working in favour of 3.5th edition, still doesn't really stop the characters.
Vaz, so you want me to roll up and pm you your attribute rolls?
Nah, its alright, I'll keep at it, should have something at least for weekend.

Nah, its alright, I'll keep at it, should have something at least for weekend.
Let me know when you need your stats rolled up then.
Well it's probably a bit off but here we go


Placeholder for character. I realize my inexperience with the DnD universe and being a magic user / healer are very bad ideas. Expect a fighter of some kind in the near future.
If I knew more I'd be more comfortable joining. Ironic I proposed a Dragon Age RP, then you start up a Age of Dragons. :p

Also knowing if Crossbows are a thing will help.
Age of Dragons is a custom universe, and yes there are cross-bows in this roleplay.

I've pmed you the stuff you need.
So how are everyones character sheets coming along?

VAZ: ???
Santaire: ???
Box: I know about yours.
Komanko: ???

Necross: ? ? ? ? ?
Now, I have to say this. We seem to have some freedom to world build in this to a degree. Can I bring in my own race from another game? They were Orcs of a specific culture and society, I think they would fit well, just about anywhere. It was from the one Kingdom RP that died a while back.
No full orcs, only Half-Orcs in this. I would suggest looking at the DnD players hand book for idea's. Or send me messages with any idea's you have for your race (human, elf, half orc, dwarves, tiefling/void touched)
Race information updated, Teifling/Void Touched are now in.
Profile Up! Alterations made!

I have no idea why it keeps inserting the extra set of spoilers I give up. . .
So about my Orcs, I don't want to play a full Orc, but could my Orc Race be included in the background? For my character's sake. That is my only question
I forgot to put half-orcs in the character information xD ill work on that tomorrow.

And yes Necross, pm me your orc information and then simply pick the Half-Orc race if you want to.
Hey Vaz, any idea when ill get a copy of your character sheet so i can roll your stats and hp for you?
It might have to be tomorrow night, I'm going to be getting up in about 3 hours, and just finished watching the footy. Won't be in until about 8ish (so ~22 hours) but will have something up tomorrow.

Sounds good Vaz, ive pmed you your 6 stat rolls for place them in what ever attribute you wish, then ill calculate your HP when i see what you've put in con and what class your playing ok?
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