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Age of Darkness Cover Art (ALL HAIL HORUS!)

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In the need of a heretically good cover for the upcoming anthology Age of Darkness, Black Library have brought Neil Roberts to the helm and he has plucked this out of the abyss that is 30k.

Best cover art ever!!. All hail the Warmaster Horus!!. He has jumped up to join Konrad Curze and Sanguinius as my favourite Primarchs.
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Awesome book cover. That Imperial Fist got raped. I read the description and couldn't help but feel i should bang my head in at how vague it is.
So we got Prospero Burns, Garro: Legion of One, and Age of Darkness. I wonder if they will have time to make another Heresy Novel in 2011.
As for this mysterious Heresy novel, I'm hopping for the Cleansing of Olympia... My preffered author would be McNeill, although as with the whole Dembski-Bowden/Reynolds debacle, I wouldn't mind another take; possibly Thorpe or Kyme? Though the former could easily do some Raven Guard ''filler''.
Finally! Somebody said it! Me too bobbs, me too. The one piece of fluff I thought that would have some mentioning of the Iron Warriors was the Siege of Terra in Collected Visions. But unfortunatly, not so fortunate. I asked Graham McNeill a while back if he would be interested in doing an Iron Warrior novel, and he said he would be interested. However, he has been quite busy with all the novels he has been doing this year. So... its still pretty open who and when one will ever be made. I'm hoping a whole novel and not a short story like De'shea on the World Eaters. I wouldn't want my expression to go like this again... :shok:
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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