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Eldar 1750pts Me
Ultramarines 1750pts @Meldon
Tyranids 3500pts @lonnebo

Three mysterious objectives
Vanguard deplyment

Deployment and pregame

The Tyranid swarm. In reserves where two units of Genestealers and a unit of Gargoyles. In the ruined factory(Ruins) they held an objective which gave +1 cover save. The FMC started on the ground and in cover of the factory ready to take to the skies. With a total of nine MC and over one hundred smaller critters the tyranid line looked daunting to say the least. The Refinary(Building) on the other side of the board where operational but one of the cisternes leaked into the toxic pond(Dangerous Terrain) towards the bunker. One objective in the center of the field.

The Eldar and Ultramarines started with everything on the board except the Stormtalon. The Guardians held an objective (skyfire) on the refinery's loading bay and most of the units hug cover behind the Com.Tower and the refinary. The Scouts and the Dark Reapers had taken position on the refinery's roof to have good line of sight over the battle. The allies presented a strong firebase, but was it enough to stop this tendril in it's track or would they only give more biomass to the Hive Mind? Lets find out!

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Turn 1
The Tyranids did not manage to sieze the initiative and the Eldar and Ultramarines could move in to unleash a torrent of fire against the Swarm. Under the shadow in the warp the Eldar psychers struggled to find the threads of destiny on the skien and the Tyranids could negate any powers they did cast.

The Fire Prism stayed in cover and focused their fire against the big support creatures and dealt a wound from both. Missles and shells rained down on the critters in the center but the Vindicator shell scattered off. The Dark Reaper fired and slayed one Zoanthrope. On the right flank the Terminators ran forward against the big creatures, shield and hammers held high!

The Tyranids surged forward. The flying tyrants and the crone took to the skies toward the enemy. The majority of the Tyranids moved against the Ultramarines that held their right flank.

Table after Tyranid turn 1 movement.

The support creatures on the left flank fired against the Fire Prism and did nothing. The warriors fired against the scouts on the roof and fell three. The left tyrant cast a power against the guardians and Lorpan did not manage to negate it. Two guardians died and the missle platform was destroyed. The terminators took much fire on the right flank and and some fell. The right tyrant wrecked the landspeeder.

Turn 2
The stormtalon came in from reserve and got straight for the left tyrant. The terminators continued across the field towards the tygons and the Serian and the windriders responded to the growing threat to the right flank. The prisms and small squad of jetbikes moved out into the open to lay down more fire against the Tyranid firebase. Lorpan reached out into the skien and tried to Mind War the Tyrannofex, doing four wound to it.

The ensuing fire from the allies managed to fell the tyrannofex and the left tyrant. On the right flank the terminators ran and fire from the marines in the rhino and the dreadnought did a couple of wounds on the right tyrant.

View of the central field.

The windriders reinforce the right flank.

The Tyranids responded by pouring even more critters into the battle as the first unit of Genestealers emerged at the right flank. In the center some termagants closed with the pray. On the right flank things began to look grim for the allies as the mawloc sprung from beneath and took out five windriders. Effectivly cutting the Ultramarines from the rest of the army. The farseers managed to negate a warplance from the Zoanthrope but more fire fell even more Terminators and the right tyrant wrecked a dreadnought. On the left flank the exocrine downed all windriders.

The right termagants charged the terminators along with one trygon and fell all exept the Chaplain who stood up against the darkness. The other trygon charged the remaining dreadnought and it was also wrecked.

View of the battle end of turn 2.

One heroic Chaplain.

Turn 3
The dire avangers disembarked the serpents and the remaining windriders moved back from the mawloc. The guardians moved closer to the tyranid firebase and the prisms moved forward. In the center the tanks rolled forward and a serpent followed. On the right the marines disembarked the rhino in the face of the tyrant.

Serian cast doom on the tyrant and it was killed by the following fire from the marines and stormtalon. The mawloc soaked up every shuriken from both the avanger squads and the windriders before it went down. In the middle the last termagants perished and the dark reapers felled the zoanthropes. The central serpent diactivated it's shield and killed all the hive guard hiding in the ruined factory. On the left the guardians, prism and the predator killed the last of the tyranid's firebase.

View of the battle end of Eldar/Ultramarines turn 3.

Right flank.

Center and left.

The Chaplain finaly fell to the overwhelming tide of chitin.

Even more genestealers arrived at the right flank and the crone reentered the battle and took a hull point of one of the prisms. The deathleaper suddenly appeard on top the refinary. On the right flank the Ultramarines took even more beating as termagants and a trygon killed all the marines on the right. The majority of the allied forces though was out of reach of the swarm.

Turn 4
The Stormtalon went into hovermode and backed away from the trygon. The rhino on the right moved back to block the genestealers and trygon from the avengers,one squad which embarked back into a serpent. The prism moved foreward the center and the other serpent moved around the refinary. Lorpan sensed the deathleaper and guided the reaper's aim. The avengeres not embarked was also guided by Serian.

The reapers fired against the elusive form of the deathleaper and one starshot missle from the exarch hit the chameleon fiend and blew him away.

Turn 4 just after the deathleaper has been killed.

The left serpent diactivated it's shield and fired everything against the crone but it did not take a single wound. On the right the windriders and the avengers layed down a mighty hail of shurikens against a trygon but the monstrous creature stayed unharmed. The other trygon fell to fire from the stormtalon and many smaller critters fell to the combined fire from the vindicator, whirlwind and the prisms.

End of Eldar/Ultramarines turn 4.

The Tyranids tried to respond to the towering dead by deep striking the gargoyles into the midst of the Eldar.

From the skies!

The crone turned against the serpent who had fired against it and damaged it slightly shakening the crew. The hormagaunts in the ruined factory fired against the stormtalon but it jinked like a god and dodged four times. The gargoyles shoot the jetlock dead and the last trygon went around the Com.Tower and charged the vindicator. The following explosion tore four termagants dead.

Trygon wrecking havoc in the center.

The genestealers advanced against the rhino to the right but could not reach it.

End of turn 4.

Turn 5
The Eldar and Ultramarines advanced in good order and both marines and avengers disembarked infront of the trygon and termagants in the middle. Lorpan reached out into the skien again and found the thread of the crone and severed it. The creature fell from the skies with it's head imploded. In the center the combined firepower from the allied line killed the trygon, termagants and venomthrope. The prisms pounded the ruined factory and the gaunts inside. Finaly the avengers slayed the gargoyles.

End of Eldar/Ultramarines turn 5.

With the losses spiraling the hive mind choose to withdraw. The last creatures on the surface are left to fend for themselves.

Allied forces remaining.

Tyranid "swarm" remaining.

Lorpan among the Eldar claiming victory before the warhost returnes to Altansar. Leaving the Ultramarines to hunt down the remaining Tyranids.

Tyranid: 73%
Ultramarine: 62%
Eldar: 20%

Victory points
Tyranids: 4pts
Allied: 9pts

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The battle went very well as you can see for me and Meldon. Even though 600pts perished early when his Terminators and Chaplain rushed forward. But this also made Lonnebo react and focus much of his forces to that flank. Then when both broods of genestealers emerged in the same flank it got a bit crowded. At turn 3 he had a great number of troops on the table but few where able to reach the allied line and the pie plates from two prisms, a vindicator and a whirlwind realy decided the battle from there. Also bladestorm works like a charm against MCs.

I don't know what difference it would have made but if the Genestealers had come in on the left flank they would have made a bigger impact on the game. Would love to have a replay sometime.
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