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Hello everyone
My name is Jakub "Liskowic" Rutkowski and I want to present you new skirmish type game set in postapocalyptic world devastated by huge magic accident. This game is not about simple anihilation of your opponent. In order to win you have to focus on mission objectives and your own secret missions you are given just before a game. Game offers 6 different factions to play with. Each of them needs other tactics. You may buy different equipment for your warband members but also special abilitties for them as well. Will you play as fanatic DELARIA? fanatic well trained soldiers ruled by iron fists of Inquisitors ready to anihilate every unhuman and everyone who oppose The Only True God? FORGE TOWNS where dwarfs try to rebuild the Lost World with their outstanding technological genious. WASTELANDERS? Bunch of renegades, scavengers, looters and gangers hard enough to survive in Wastelands? NAYM'VAEL? Elves...remnants of old proud race connected with old powers. Swift and deadly masters of traps. CONSTRUCTS? Their origin is unknown..Maybe they were experiment? maybe they are invaders from space? One is sure...you don't want to see one of them charging at you....Machines combined with flesh. Each killed by them makes their ranks stronger. Or maybe you will play as FORSAKEN? Mutants, monsters and people touched by terrible diesese of Black Mouths? Choice is yours. Rules and hight quality models are avaiable FREE in link bellow (soon there will be rules update)

for any questions just ask me :) I will be happy to answer

EDIT-> There Are new Rules AVAIABLE on games Web-page :)


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