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So our local gaming group is throwing its first tournament next weekend and i am stuck between playing my blood angels or my Space wolves so here are the lists i composed for a 1000

Blood angels

Librarian 100

4 x 5 RAS in Laz/Plas razorbacks

2 Vindicators

3 Priests

Blood angels 2

Reclusiarch 130

Stormraven 200

9 Death company (2 powerfists)

2 x 5 RaS in Laz/plas razorbacks

Space wolves

2 rune priests (1 with LL and MH and the other with LL or MH and jaws)

3 x 5 man grey hunters with MM in Razorbacks

and 3 x 5 Long fangs 4 missile launchers

and then i have 95 points left over i was thinking maybe a scout squad with 4 melta bombs in it

Help is needed what list do u think would work better in a tournament

cheers in advance Gall

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Id say blood angels 1, more troops, and more long range firepower
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