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advice needed

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hey all, im brand new to warhammer fantasy and am currently trying to read and remember the entire rulebook lol. I've recently got my hands on 3 skullcrushers, 5 knight and 34 warriors of chaos as my start into a chaos army list.
I'm a long time khorne fan and love the fluff that goes with it but i realise magic plays a big part of fantasy and i dont want to hinder myself by ruling it out. So my questions are where do i go from here? hero wise the khorne lord on a jugger looks prime but should i get 5 crushers to give the boss 'look out sir"? also been told i need warhounds for chaff which i looked up on google and understand now haha.
Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated, Cheers.
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The way the fluff is now, there's no real issues w/ running multi-god armies. I do it all the time. Sometimes even running all 4 marks. Daemons are the ones that have issues now w/ running differing marks for purposes of who can use the BSB. You could try running an unmarked sorcerer w/ Death or Metal (Khorne HAS to like death-metal!! Right ... ???). Death for sniping characters & unit champs. Metal is a bit more situational - better vs hi armor. Otherwise, Shadow is all about the hexes to the opponent plus you could get Mindrazor and give your troops S8 attacks! Fire if you want a bit of ranged support to help thin the enemy lines. Fireball is always handy and a lvl 2 can cast the 10+ version fairly reliably on just 3 dice ... unless you're me in which case you fail 10+ on 4 dice regularly.

If you're going to be playing larger games where there's a good chance your big lord/hero on jugger has a chance to get sniped by a cannon, then, yes, go for the 5 crushers. But if he's that important he should have some type of ward save - Armor of Destiny or Talisman of Preservation.
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W/ just the characters as is above ... you won't fit them into 2K. W/ no extra kit aside from the marks, mounts, and the lvl 2 ... you're 29pts over. You'll have to drop a pair of warriors and then you can fit in the characters w/ maybe some shields but that'd be about it.

On another note, you can't use both the Collar and the Dawn Stone on the Lord as they're both take up your single Talisman slot.

Wouldn't hurt to put the sorc in the MoT unit. If mounted, a disc would be best but a chaos steed works well when tight on points.
NP! That's why the community's here!

At 2K, if you really want to run the Chaos lord, I would probably just make it a unit of 3 crushers to attach the lord to and, yes, make him survivable. Something like:

Chaos Lord w/ MoK, Jugger, Armor of Destiny, Dawn Stone, Scaled Skin -- 365pts

1+ re-rollable armor save, 4+ ward save. He should be pretty killy on his own w/ 6 S5 attacks plus the jugger.

Plus, dropping 2 crushers will let you get a few trinkets for the other 2 characters. *cough* WARD SAVES *cough* :wink:

Here's roughly what I came up w/:

Chaos Lord w/ MoK, Jugger, Armor of Destiny, Dawn Stone, Scaled Skin -- 365pts
Exalted BSB w/ MoK, Talisman of Preservation, Shield, Barded Chaos Steed -- 209
Lvl 2 Sorcerer w/ MoT, Talisman of Endurance, Enchanted Shield -- 195
16 Warriors w/ MoK, Halberds, Shields, SB/Mus -- 340
17 Warriors w/ MoT, Shields, FC (champ to accept challenges for sorc) -- 319
5 Hounds -- 30
5 Hounds -- 30
5 Knights w/ MoK, Ensorcelled Weapons, FC (champ accepts challenges for BSB) -- 255
3 Skull Crushers w/ Ensorcelled Weapons, SB/Mus -- 255
TOTAL: 1998

Just a rough army w/ what you have and what you're looking for. You can swap kit around on the characters per what you want and adjust points accordingly by dropping or adding troops. Hope this helps some! :victory:
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The only thing I find sketchy about the list I made is that you're left w/ just a lvl 2 at 2K. It really needs a dispel scroll and the only way I know to do that would be to swap the ToE for the scroll and Ironcurse Icon (to help out when you come up against some warmachines). At larger point values you can start adding some magic banners to the units and adding some extra models. A pair of core chariots would be a great addition at some point as they are pretty tough. Even a gorebeast chariot would be great. T6 w/ 5W ... :good:

Let us know how you get on w/ the army. Paint-wise and game-wise.
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