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advice needed

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hey all, im brand new to warhammer fantasy and am currently trying to read and remember the entire rulebook lol. I've recently got my hands on 3 skullcrushers, 5 knight and 34 warriors of chaos as my start into a chaos army list.
I'm a long time khorne fan and love the fluff that goes with it but i realise magic plays a big part of fantasy and i dont want to hinder myself by ruling it out. So my questions are where do i go from here? hero wise the khorne lord on a jugger looks prime but should i get 5 crushers to give the boss 'look out sir"? also been told i need warhounds for chaff which i looked up on google and understand now haha.
Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated, Cheers.
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Warriors are amazing compared to most other armies' core troops; their big disadvantage is they need to slog forward into combat to achieve much, so I equip mine with shields to help get them to melee even if I don't plan to use the shields when in combat.

Hounds can do a reasonable job of harrying archers/war machines too, although I usually include some Marauder Horsemen to give me more options to deal with the shooting/magic units that would otherwise be chipping away at the Warriors.

I have run armies without magic. However, as WoC have hardly any shooting, it makes the army entirely reliant on utterly dominating movement and melee while also avoiding ranged attacks.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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