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Advancing the Fluff in the grim dark future???

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There’s a common sentiment that GW needs to "move the fluff forward." Usually, you’ll see a wishlist like, "The Emperor dies," or, "Abaddon actually succeeds at something." In the wake of the Nagash End Times, this is a particularly big discussion right now.

This idea irks me. I look at 40K as a backdrop, not a fiction series. GW has created this universe to provide a setting for us to play our own games and write our own stories.

With that in mind, I view the idea of GW taking fluffy-control as a threat. I want them to uphold the mood, not make colossal changes that affect my universe. (As a side note, this is one of many reasons I don’t like Privateer Press’s games. The emphasis on named characters makes it feel less like it’s my game, and more like I’m just playing out someone else’s story).

Fortunately, 40K’s galactic scale provides more of a safeguard than WHFB’s did. In Fantasy, Nagash can do things like virtually-destroy the entire Bretonnian nation. In 40K, you might see something like a Craftworld or Chapter dying out, but not the death of all eldar or all space marines. (Unless you’re the Squats.)(Likewise, I recognize that as an independent adult I can choose to ignore any changes GW makes, play in a different part of 40K’s timeline, etc.)

That was a bit of a ramble, but y question to you guys: is it important for GW to advance the 40K storyline?
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I want them to uphold the mood, not make colossal changes that affect my universe.
Whatever they did, the grimdark mood would remain the same, or maybe become even more grimdark.

People aren't looking for any huge changes, just something to move things on a bit. The 6th Ed book did this in very small and subtle ways, like saying the Golden Throne was failing and no one knew how to fix it, the astronomicon was flickering, leading to whole fleets getting lost in the warp, tomb worlds wakening, hive fleets closing on Terra.

At the time these things all raised debate and got people to re-engage with the universe, even if none of these things were properly explored in any other publication. So if they had just dropped in a few more easter eggs like these in the 7th Ed book, or expanded on the 6th Ed ones, people would be happy.

I'm not looking for anything like the massive upheaval that Nagash seems to have done to WFB(though I wouldn't mind if they did), just an idea that the whole thing is not stagnating. Some things are just going on way too long though, like Ghazkhull's Whaaag(more than 20 years), or the 13th Black Crusade(coming up on 20 years), and need to be wrapped up one way or the other.

Personally I think GW is too hung up in the whole 40,000 thing. So what if it moves on to 40,001? It reminds me of the whole Y2K fear. People stressed over it for ages in the build, and then it passed without a hitch. The same would happen if they did advance it a bit.

I have never played WFB in any serious sense, but there are a lot of guys I know who play at a very high level, representing Ireland at the ETC for years now, and they are all very excited at what Nagash has done for the system. It seems to have reinvigorated tired players, and brought old players back to the game. If something similar could do the same for 40k, I think it would be a welcome addition.
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I think killing off special characters is a step further because you leave people with models that no longer exist in the lore. That would be the point where the fluff does impact on the game.
We already have this. Captain Tycho of the Blood Angels is dead as far as the fluff is concerned, but he is still available to play, as is Eldrad Ulthran.

If a character is alive or dead in fluff terms has no bearing on the game itself. It's all about fielding heroes of legend. They could kill off Grimnar, Yarrick, Abbadon, Farsight or Calgar and it make make no difference to the minis on the table.
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