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Advancing the Fluff in the grim dark future???

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There’s a common sentiment that GW needs to "move the fluff forward." Usually, you’ll see a wishlist like, "The Emperor dies," or, "Abaddon actually succeeds at something." In the wake of the Nagash End Times, this is a particularly big discussion right now.

This idea irks me. I look at 40K as a backdrop, not a fiction series. GW has created this universe to provide a setting for us to play our own games and write our own stories.

With that in mind, I view the idea of GW taking fluffy-control as a threat. I want them to uphold the mood, not make colossal changes that affect my universe. (As a side note, this is one of many reasons I don’t like Privateer Press’s games. The emphasis on named characters makes it feel less like it’s my game, and more like I’m just playing out someone else’s story).

Fortunately, 40K’s galactic scale provides more of a safeguard than WHFB’s did. In Fantasy, Nagash can do things like virtually-destroy the entire Bretonnian nation. In 40K, you might see something like a Craftworld or Chapter dying out, but not the death of all eldar or all space marines. (Unless you’re the Squats.)(Likewise, I recognize that as an independent adult I can choose to ignore any changes GW makes, play in a different part of 40K’s timeline, etc.)

That was a bit of a ramble, but y question to you guys: is it important for GW to advance the 40K storyline?
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Or Abbadon dies. Chaos actually take a blow. It doesn't have to be the Imperium that takes a blow. Maybe subtle changes on all sides. This doesn't really need to happen though as stated, because of how massive the galaxy is. And to be Honest if we are gonna throw Chaos a bone, might as well throw the Imperium one, maybe get a Primarch back.

I honestly don't care if they advance it or not, I am more on the side of fixing current fluff(Get away from my Crons Ward), getting rid of Retcons that shouldn't have occured and minor tweaks for fixing contradictions. I like 40k as it is. A big stalemate.
Stalemates only are fun for so long though.
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