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AdvancedTemplate weapon question

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So today in a tournament I was helping my friend when an issue came up. My friend was playing my Eldar army, and he was playing Dark Templar i believe.

The issue occurred with a number of things.

This was how the attack went. My friends unit were all on jetbikes

X=Singing spear models
O=Warlocks with destructor
W=Other Warlocks
H=His troop of marines
D=Venerable dreadnaught
_=blank space


Okay so here were the issues.

O, the warlocks with destructor, have a template weapon (the fire one)

He targeted the Dreadnaught with his unit of warlocks and farseer. The two Singing spears were in range, and the template just fell short of the dreadnaught, but covered the entire group of marines basically (twice because of the two having destructor).

Issue 1. Do the template weapons resolve over the marines, even though the fell short of there designated target

Issue 2. Do the singing spears get to attack still? (range 18", s9 against vehicles, assault 1). These weapons were in range.

Issue 3. With the jet-bike models, where is the template weapon protruded from? In the BRB it says from the base of the model, so would that be from the edge of the hull of the bike, or from the actual "flying" base? And are they measured from the middle, or the edge if it is the "flying" base?

Issue 4. At the same time he attempted to psychic hood my warlocks. Can warlocks be psychic hooded? It says in the Eldar Codex there powers are available permanently, and therefore do not need to make psychic tests to use them.

I was trying to help my friend play his first game, and got massively rules clumped from a single attack, so next time it happens i would like to be able to help more. All help is appreciated, thank you.

That's all i can think of that happened for now, but i may post more regarding this attack later.
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Thank you very much, my friend ended up winning the game anyways, but had he been able to attack like that, he probably would have tabled the guy. We did do the psychic hood test, the shots didn't have range because we measured from the middle of the base, and the guy said he wasn't able to shoot the spears at the dreadnaught. Which I knew 100% was wrong, but he allowed my friend just to simply attack the troupe of units instead.

Gota love playing against win or lose rule bending players. Rules always seem to bend one way for them. hmm.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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