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I'd love some great tutorials on painting bone (mainly bony plates) and also various tutorials for painting rotting flesh. A lot of the rotten flesh tutorials are very often a bit too green for my liking or they're very basic; "paint green, apply devlan mud, dry brush and done!" which is a bit on the... Beginner side for my liking.

I have an airbrush, so don't be afraid to venture in that realm of things.

I prefer the brown>grey bone look rather than the more sandy tones like you see a lot of the time. I like the look of both different styles of the Changeling's staff:

Now I could probably suss out the colours here for myself, but some help is always appreciated.

But bleached bone is, in my humble opinion, an absolutely hideous colour for actual BONE. It reminds me of little toy dinosaur skeletons I used to see:

Now the rotting flesh is more of a problem for me. I've got practically zero experience painting zombies (et al)! Currently I'm thinking of using Lester Bursley's guide to painting the Ultraforge Plague Demon for the skin parts but it's possibly a little too green for my liking. I might replace the greens in his tutorial with blues.

But if you guys have any tutorials to recommend or your own wisdom you wish to impart then don't be shy! I look forward to what you've got.
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