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Adeptus Mechanicus army by Awaken Realms

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We had a real pleasure to paint a very nice Mechanicus army with a lot of Heresy-era automata. The green used for the robes of Magos were also unorthodox, but a nice difference from the usual red. The two jewels of the force, a monstrous Ordinatus and Knight Atrapos are true eye-catchers. Take a look at them in the photos below, and you can see more in our gallery. Also, you can get there by clicking on each photo.

How do you like them?

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does this army happen to be based on Hydra from the Marvel universe? I happened to notice the tentacles on the mechanicum cog with the flyer :p
The reference is accidental;) the theme was going to be the "Mechanicus Kraken" :)
that explains it :p. the army is awesome, I love the gritty feel.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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