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I have recently picked up a Skitarii codex, and I am having some trouble determining from the rules how they regard the other factions in terms of allying.

I did note that on the front cover is printed "Codex Adeptus Mechanicus", so I understand this to mean the Skitarii as considered as part of the Faction Adeptus Mechanicus. I then reference the alliance chart in the core rule book, but I do not see an entry for Adeptus Mechanicus faction.
I do see an entry for Armies of the Imperium, but it is not explicit that Adeptus Mechanicus is considered to be an Army of the Imperium.

Could someone shed some light as to where Adeptus Mechanicus falls in terms of how it regards the other factions as allies, or correct me on any misunderstanding I may have shown in this thread?

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